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14 Tips for Beginners: How to take nice photos for Instagram

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To capture beautiful images with your smartphone, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of composition and lighting and sharpen your instincts.

Use natural light instead of flash

A good picture is all about lighting. The first and most essential guideline for getting great phone-only photos understands how to use light. It’s best to use natural light instead of flash, which gives your photos more depth and brightness. If you can’t take pictures outside, take them near a window or in a place with good lighting. If you can’t take pictures outside, don’t use a flash. Storefront windows and street lighting are good ambient light sources, even at night. If u make good photos and post attractive pictures that are like u are fans then u get more followers on Instagram.

Using editing tools

The dark pictures can be lightened using editing tools, but they cannot be corrected if overexposed. Adjust the brightness of your screen to prevent overexposure by touching and moving your finger up or down.

Avail the right time

This time of day, when the light is low on the horizon, enhances the beauty of all photographs. It is the Instagram filter of nature. When photographing at noon, clouds are your friend. Direct sunlight, which may be harsh in images, makes it challenging to capture a nice picture. The sun’s light is diffused by clouds, resulting in a softer and more pleasing impression.

The lighting can also be adjusted before taking a picture to avoid overexposure by pressing the brightest part of the frame.

The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a widely known compositional concept and refers to a straightforward method of balancing an image’s forms, textures, colors, and other components. Composition organizes an image’s shapes, textures, colors, and other elements. The program divides the picture into 33 squares and aligns the topics or objects to produce balance. You may also achieve a beautiful impression by generating a balanced asymmetry by positioning the subject slightly off-center and balancing it with another item. The flowers are positioned in the lower-right corner of the image, while the sun is placed in the upper-left corner.

photos for Instagram

Insights from taking photos

Typically, when you take a picture with your smartphone, you place it at eye level and press the shutter button. This is also what everyone else does. It would help if you resisted this natural impulse to take captivating and unique photographs. You may find new insights from taking photos from a different vantage point, even when photographing a known location or topic. Try observing things from a different perspective rather than breaking your leg trying to capture the perfect photograph.

Enhancing a photograph

It sometimes enhances a photograph to add an unexpected feature, such as the moon in the sky in the image below, rather than zooming in. In contrast to cameras with an adjustable lens, your phone’s camera “zooms in” by reducing the field of vision. You are essentially pre-cropping the photograph.

This could restrict your editing options and result in you overlooking valuable information, so be careful not to do this. To focus the camera, touch your image’s subject or focal point. You may purchase an external lens for your phone to add a greater variety of options.

Capture the viewer’s eye

A leading line is a line in photography that draws the viewer’s attention and provides depth. It may be a road, a structure, or a natural component such as a tree or a wave. Use leading lines to create movement or purpose in your photographs. For example, you may wish to utilize leading lines to draw the viewer’s attention to your subject, as in the following picture:

Image enhancement

Please focus on the subject of your photograph, whether it is a person or a gorgeous slice of pizza. As a result of their greater depth, photos with multiple layers, such as patterns and objects in both the background and foreground, are inherently more engaging. The image does not solely focus on the flowers but also includes the railing behind the flowers, the tree behind that, and eventually, the sunset and horizon. There is something to observe in each layer of the image, thereby capturing your attention.

Be creative

Do not let Instagram picture trends cause you to lose your originality. Some Instagram photographs have become so popular that they have become clich├ęs, spawning an entire Instagram account devoted to repeating shots. To differentiate yourself from your competitors on Instagram, you must constantly strive to create a unique perspective on a familiar topic. Furthermore, this will assist you with developing a distinctive and memorable brand identity for your business. Please view this video for further information on capturing excellent Instagram images with your mobile device.

Increase Exposure

Let’s discuss topics now that you understand photography’s fundamentals. Some issues and concepts work well on Instagram because of their broad appeal and high visual intrigue. Take note that providing exciting content will increase your Instagram exposure.

The following are a few Instagram photography ideas to consider


In nature or artificial structures, symmetry is aesthetically pleasing. When you use symmetrical compositions to enrich an otherwise uninteresting subject, you can also break up symmetry to create intrigue. The bridge in this photograph provides vertical symmetry, but the trees and sunshine break it up to create intrigue.


Our minds are also drawn to patterns. Several Instagram accounts have gained enormous IG followers UK by showcasing stunning designs. Also possible is the universal attraction of patterns as demonstrated by Japanese artist Yasama Kusama’s mirror rooms, which produce repetitive patterns of basic forms and colors. For inspiration, look around you. Architecture, design, and nature are all sources of captivating patterns.

Robust colors

Even though minimalism and neutrals are trendy, sometimes you prefer a splash of color. Cheery and energizing hues are believed to make people happy and provide strength. And in terms of Instagram images, they significantly influence a tiny screen. Even an unremarkable high-rise can seem magnificent when depicted in these pictures. Instagram is a positive environment, so comedy is appropriate here. It is particularly apparent in comparison to the profusion of neatly crafted photographs on the platform. Funny photos are fresh air for your viewers and demonstrate that you are not taken too seriously.

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