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4 Reason Why People Prefer to Stay at Victory at Verrado

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Have you ever considered retiring in style, especially in a beautiful home with plenty of room for entertainment and recreational activities? If so, you should look for Victory at Verrado, which offers a community specifically for those 55 and over. This area, with 21 miles of trails and stunning amenities, is situated at the base of the White Tank Mountain Range in Arizona. The neighborhood has all the amenities you will need to live a comfortable life. So don’t hesitate to look at homes for sale in Victory at Verrado, as this little community is growing in popularity in the real estate market. This article will highlight a few reasons for the increasing demand for homes in this community.

What is an Active Adult Neighborhood at Verrado?

For a quiet and stress-free life, the victory at Verrado was created specifically for people 55 years of age and over. This area offers excellent living spaces by some of the most significant local home builders and is unlike any other neighborhood. It is composed of a small, close-knit community with first-rate amenities. Prices for homes for sale in Victory at Verrado range from about $300,000 to over $1 million, depending on their location and size. As per reports, more than 250 people lined up to purchase their dream homes on their opening in January 2016.

Amenities in Victory at Verrado

  • Community Center
  • Park
  • Playground
  • Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Golf course
  • Trails
  • GreenBelt
  • Tennis Court
  • Marketplace
  • Restaurants and Dining
  • Health and Fitness

Benefits of Staying in an Active Adult Neighborhood

A common question is what distinguishes living in an active adult community like the one at Verrado from living in a typical neighborhood. There are numerous advantages, some of which are included below for consideration while looking at properties for sale in Victory at Verrado.

  1. Location – This active adult community is undoubtedly situated in one of Arizona’s prime locations. Verrado is a part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, which has a population of over four million and ranks as the nation’s 12th largest. So, even though the neighborhood is lovely for seniors aged 55 and older, they can still live close to their families and take advantage of all the amenities.
  2. Cost of Living – Compared to others, Verrado, Arizona, offers some of the most affordable retirement possibilities, making it one of the most economical locations. Arizona’s low property tax rate of 1 percent means that if you were to contemplate purchasing a home here, it wouldn’t burn a massive hole in your wallet.
  3. Safe and Secure community – Victory at Verrado is located in a gated community with 24-hour security personnel and guards. This feature makes it one of the safest areas where adults over 55 can live without worrying too much.
  4. Amenities – This location has everything you might want, whether you wish to have a romantic supper or a stroll while watching the Arizona sunset. Residents wouldn’t need to go outside for entertainment or amusement because practically everything is within. Some of the most opulent luxuries imaginable are available here.

Points to Remember Before Buying a Property in Victory at Verrado:

  • Construction quality
  • Builders reputation and reviews
  • Financial budget
  • The resale value of the property
  • The built-Up or total area of the property

These are merely the primary considerations that every buyer needs to keep in mind before choosing their ideal home. The list can exceed and depends on the choices that each individual makes. To make the process of purchasing a home easy, you can hire the services of an experienced real estate agent in the area or avail of online listing services.


People view life after retirement as a second chance since it is an opportunity to spend it with their loved ones. They require a setting that exudes class, refinement, and, most importantly, comfort. The Verrado Victory is nothing less than a paradise where retired people can live their lives to the fullest.

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