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7 DIY Jewelry Box Ideas To Better Organize Your Jewelry

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If you are someone who likes to load on jewelry and doesn’t know where to keep them then you have landed in the right place. Organizing jewelry can be hectic. Your gold chains, tanzanite pendants, diamond rings, or pearl necklaces may have cost you a billion bucks but when they are scattered around they don’t look so pretty.

Do you find yourself often searching where to buy jewellery boxes? But there is no need to buy one. Why buy expensive jewelry boxes when you can create them instead? Our 7 amazing DIY jewelry box ideas will surely allure you into making one.

1. DIY Marble Jewelry Box

For people who enjoy the embellished paper that creates surface designs with gorgeous patterns, this jewelry box is ideal. This cigar box-based marbled jewelry box is a gorgeous design all by itself. This baby’s beauty comes from exploration. A few supplies are necessary. You will like what you have produced if you follow the instructions in the link below.

2. DIY Ring Box

This is a quick and fantastic storage solution that works well for rings. An empty chocolate box insert, a ruler, glue, and pencil felt are required. You have to measure and match your felt piece to the chocolate when doing this. You draw a short line and two dots on each felt square before cutting and gluing. Voila, your storage container is ready.

3. DIY Cardboard Jewelry Box

This simplistic jewelry box is easy to make, cheap, and portable. It can also be made in large or small sizes. It’s quite simple to be given as well. You’ll need cardboard to make this, as well as some basic supplies like glue, etc.

Cardboard is inexpensive and useful for a multitude of things. To make this jewelry box, you must first trim out the surplus cardboard from the box, measure the appropriate area with wrapping paper, and adhere it properly. Create the interior portion, and your box is complete.

4. DIY Wooden Jewelry Box 

You must be skilled with woodworking to make this type of jewelry box. Once the desired sides have been cut out to length, they must be assembled with glue and shims to reinforce the corners. On the box’s top and interior, the inventor used a little velvet.

This wooden box appears to be large enough but not excessively so at 10×5 and 3 height with a ratio of 2.1. You will need a small amount of wood to perform this magic. The top and bottom were fashioned from walnut that had been beautifully carved. So next time you go to shop gold chains, you don’t have to worry about where to store them.

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5. DIY Cigar Jewelry Box

Upcycling provides some of the best DIY jewelry box concepts. In this instance, you can upcycle a typical cigar box into a wonderful jewelry box. Given how empty the inside of a cigar box is, there are virtually endless possibilities for setting up the box for any style of jewelry you like. If you want to make place for objects as little as rings and as lengthy as necklaces, you can add more sections. This is a fantastic way to transform a plain cigar box—which is typically what you’d use for jewelry storage—into something more lovely and sophisticated.

6. DIY Stained Glass Jewelry Box

The stained glass might make the ideal design choice for your DIY jewelry box because of its elegant and classic appearance. Starting with a glass jewelry box greatly enhances the authenticity of the paintwork. You can even create a unique design and sketch it out to be as accurate as you can. This is such a lovely approach to producing something brilliant, colorful, and brimming with life. Your attention is drawn to the artwork as well as the top area is given the stained glass impression while the rest is painted in plain glass.

7. DIY Painted Mod Podge Jewelry Box

You may give a traditional jewelry box a makeover using paint and mod podge if you’re looking for a rather easy DIY jewelry box project. The jewelry box may be given a weathered appearance using chalk paint, giving it the ideal vintage touch for that retro vibe. The mod podge provides a beautiful technique for you to apply a particular design pattern on the box and create anything you can imagine that best suits your taste. This project transforms a jewelry box more straightforwardly, but the end result is vivid and in some ways laid-back.

End Note

There are a hundred ways you can make a jewelry box to keep your lovely jewelry in one place. Few of these ideas we have shared above. Custom-made jewelry boxes have a great advantage over the ones you can buy from shops, you can make it the size you want, without being disappointed about wasted money.

DIY jewelry boxes also help you to get in touch with the artists that are hiding inside you. These boxes also make incredible personalized gifts for friends and families.

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