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7 Photo Poses That Are Perfect for Photo Wedding Invitations

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If you’re planning your beach wedding or any other type, beach wedding invitations are essential to making your big day feel extra special.

The photographer you choose to work with will likely have some suggestions as to which poses are best for this purpose. But you may want to experiment with a few shots on your own before you make any final decisions.

7 Photo Poses That Are Perfect for Photo Wedding Invitations

1) The Bookends Pose

Start with the bookends pose. This pose, in which the bride and groom hold hands and stand at each end of the photo, is a classic choice that will always be a mainstay in wedding invitation design. Frame your couple with their back to one another and have them look over their shoulder at the camera. The line of sight from one end of the photo to the other creates a long visual perspective that draws attention to your bride and groom.

2) A Smiling Face

This pose looks confident and happy while also showing your lovely smile. It is also an excellent pose for capturing the person and the background, making it perfect for getting photos of you and your partner’s faces during your engagement session or even on your wedding day.

3) Both Faces Together

Try to pose your photo, so both faces are in the shot. If one person is looking up and the other is looking down, try getting them to switch positions before you take the photo. It will make for a more symmetrical image. Or, turn off the camera and have each person find something to focus on, like an object or prop, while posing.

4) The Forehead Kiss

Two people of any gender can perform the forehead kiss. One person crouches and leans forward while the other leans forward to meet them. There’s plenty of room for expression, so try a big smooch or a sweet peck.

5) Classic Action Shot

The classic action shot pose is easy and creates a sense of fun. The couple should prepare for the photo by moving to an area with different patterns and colors, like a street or playground. With some planning, both people can go into position in one quick motion. Start with one person on the ground facing up and the other standing over them with their legs spread to either side and their arms outstretched.

6) The Traditional Close Up

The traditional close-up is a good pose for photo wedding invitations and announcements. Generally, the bride looks straight ahead and often with a slight smile. The groom is in the background of the shot but should still be recognizable to those on your guest list.

While this isn’t always true, there are times when you’ll need two cameras to take one picture if the photographer wants to get both the groom and bride in one frame.

This shot can also work well with an engagement shoot that features more than just an image of a couple smiling at each other. It can also work well with a more contemporary engagement ring shot where some attention goes towards displaying that instead of focusing on people.

7) The Stroll Pose

The Stroll Pose is an excellent option for brides who want to be both stylish and feel elegant. It’s an ideal pose for couples, as the bride’s arm is wrapped around her groom. On the other hand, the groom can be seen holding his bride and looking into her eyes in what looks like the perfect moment. It is the kind of photograph that any newlywed would love to display on their wedding invitation card.

Do wedding invitations have pictures?

One of the most significant parts of a wedding day is the exchanging of vows, but another piece that should not be forgotten is wedding invitations. Remembering and celebrating one’s love for each other through this invitation can be crucial in deciding how the day will feel for both guests and bride and groom. Pictures on the invitation can add a special touch to this celebration by showing what will come with these two families joining.

How Do You Dip Photos?

It’s not hard to find the perfect photo for your wedding invitation. Head to a location that is meaningful to you, like a beautiful garden, then grab the photographer and give them some direction on how you want the photos taken.

You can be as traditional or non-traditional as you’d like. The invitation should represent your identity, so don’t shy away from creativity. After all, it is your special day.


Above are seven of the perfect poses for your photo wedding invitations. Take your time composing these photos, and don’t get frustrated if you need to retake them a few times. Above all else, always remember to look into the camera lens and smile.

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