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All You Need To Know About Cambodia Tours

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Planning your trip to Cambodia? Are you completely prepared to enjoy this beautiful place? There are some musk-known facts before you book your Cambodia Holiday Packages with its incredible history

Cambodia tours are among the most famous countries listed on most bucket lists. It has some amazing sights ranging from spectacular temples to lush green jungles.

But, let us focus on some practical travel tips that you must be aware of before going on the trip.

What are the must-known facts about the Cambodia tour?

1. The Seasons of Cambodia

Seasons of Cambodia

It has a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons: the wet and dry seasons. The average temperature of 28⁰C during the hot and humid season. We will divide the major seasons in Cambodia:

  • Dry Season: From November to February, have longer days of sunshine and clear skies. It has very little rain, windy, and cooler. This might be a great time to visit the Buddhist Country.
  • Rainy Season: It is known as the green season, which ranges from June to October when the whole countryside is alive with green and lush landscapes. With high humidity, the downpours will last not more than a couple of hours. This is also a great time to visit Cambodia for the smaller tourist crowd, cheaper hotels, and quieter temples.
  • Hot Season: This exists from March to May. The temperature rises easily to 40⁰C. These months might make your travel hectic and unpleasant due to the warm weather.

    2. Cuisines


Cambodian cuisine has a lot of unique flavours and spices. If you are a non-vegetarian then there is a lot to try:

  • The Khmer red curry which is less spicy version of Thai curry and served with bread
  • The Nom Banh Chok is a rice noodle served with green curry sauce.
  • The Bai Sach Chrouk is a street style food. It is a grilled sweet pork recipe that is served with rice, broth, cucumber, and radish.

    3. Attires during travel

Due to the tropical climate, it is advisable to wear loose-fitting, cotton and lightweight clothing. You can go for white or clear colours when it comes to colour. Moreover, a sun hat, handkerchief, sunscreen, and sunglasses are recommended as protection against the sunlight. Also, remember that you have soft-soled and comfortable walking shoes.

While visiting sacred sites, men and women need to dress modestly and cover their shoulders and legs to their knees. Footwear and headgear are removed at the entrance before entering the temple.

The northern region is a bit cooler during the cool season. So, a sweater or a light jacket would be a great add-on.

4. Interaction with people

Tourists can get pre-paid SIM cards from the border checkpoints or airports on their arrival. It has additional value cards which can be bought to add money to the SIM card. MobiTel, Beeline, Cube, MetFone, and Smart Mobile are the major service providers.

Most hotels, cafes, restaurants, and major tourist cities have free Wi-Fi. Internet access might be limited in rural areas. It would be better if you carry your passport to buy pre-paid SIM cards. Khmer is the common language used in Cambodia. Here are some easy to learn and use them:

  • Sou sdey: This sounds like Sewer Snake which means Hello
  • Sohm tou: It means sorry and sounds like Soz Dude
  • Ah Kun: That means thank you which sounds like All Good.

5.Take care of health issues

You should never drink tap water as it risks water-borne diseases. Instead, get bottled water widely available in stores, restaurants, and hotels at affordable prices. Be a bit cautious while purchasing water from the street stalls and make sure it is sealed properly.

After getting the Cambodia tour package, staying healthy during your holiday is important. Although the place has no compulsion on any type of vaccination. Carry an insect repellent with you to avoid mosquito bites. This will also keep you protected from mosquito-borne diseases.

But you can take prevention by getting immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, and hepatitis A. You can consult the doctor for updated advice about vaccinations.

6. Local Manners

The Cambodian greeting is known as Sampeah. Place both palms together in front of their chest and then bow their heads slightly. Depending on the person that is receiving end, it is divided into categories:

  • For peers, it is kept at the chest height
  • Mouth level is people with higher ranks and elderly
  • Nose level from parents, grandparents, and mentors
  • Eyebrow level for monks and kings
  • Forehead level is while praying

7. Capturing Pictures

Capturing Pictures

Cambodia is a photogenic place. Be always humble to take permission before photographing local people unless you shoot in a crowded public scene. Many people avoid being taken off-guard with a picture.

Photography at border crossings and near military areas is prohibited. Avoid taking pictures near police or military personnel. Be aware and respectful when photographing religious sites. Always double-check the entrance for signs either allowing or prohibiting photography.

8. Manage Expenses

The country has Cambodian Riel (KHR) as the official currency. But at some places the US dollar is widely accepted. You can use Reils for cheap purchases, whereas the dollars are used in big places like restaurants, hotels, and more.

Credit card compatible ATMs are founded in some major cities. The ANZ Royal Bank, Canadia Bank, Cambodian Public Bank, and SBC Bank have a wide network.

  • It would help if you carried a mixture of cash and credit or debit cards
  • Have US dollars in small denominations to
  • It is advisable to have good condition banknotes, as the locals might refuse to accept slightly or excessively torn notes.
  • Avoid using ATMs at night and in remote areas

9. Avoid doing this

Never leave your chopsticks sitting vertically in a rice bowl as it looks like they are incense sticks that are burned for the dead. It is a powerful symbol that is not appreciated. Be sensitive about the traditions and pay respect to religious beliefs:

  • Remove shoes when you enter a home or temple
  • Never keep your feet towards anything sacred or towards other people
  • Women should not touch monks

10. Stay alert scams

You need to be alert from the pick-pocketing and grabbing at places in Cambodia. Take care of your valuables. When you are going for sightseeing it is advisable to leave your valuables in the locker. Avoid engaging with beggars or something that is not trustworthy.

The things you should be aware in Cambodia:

  • Shouting or raising voice can cause embarrassment to the person.
  • Do not give money or food to kids as they fuel the cycle
  • Wake up early to avoid any outdoors during the midday heat

The Final Secret!

After booking the final Cambodia holiday packages, you also need to know about some things before trip & you must have your guide and travel plan checked beforehand. Remember, tipping is not customary, but it might be expected. Add Cambodia to your bucket list to get some exclusive experience of this place.

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