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Best Women’s Glasses Styles As Per Occasions

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Ladies, we all know how particular you are when it comes to dressing up according to the occasion. Just like you vary your dress based on the occasion, the same rule should apply with your accessories too. The ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work if you are looking to stand out with your style. Hence, don’t miss out on customising your accessories as per the occasions. 

When it comes to glasses, it becomes very simple to style them as per the occasions as there are multiple options available. Hence, it is high time you set up a collection of glasses in a way so that there is always something to match the demands of every possible occasion. 

For you to maintain a collection, you should be looking for pocket-friendly pairs. This is where Specscart comes into the picture. This Manchester-born eyewear startup is changing the way people perceive glasses by promoting them as a fast moving fashion accessory, and not just an optical tool. Their pocket-friendly range is not only super stylish but also of top quality.

Here, we have compiled a list of ladies glasses’ styles taking various occasions into account. To make them your very own, you can order women’s glasses online.

Keeping Things Casual

A casual occasion demands a style that is fun and easy going. Ladies, nothing can get better than the quirky and bold cat-eye glasses with frames that take on playful colours. Ever since they gained popularity, cat-eye glasses have become a wardrobe staple, and are unarguably the most desired style of women’s glasses in present times. 

If you think aviator glasses are not a ladies thing, it needs to be made clear that aviators have got exceptional feminine traits as well. Go with the oversized variant to be in the limelight during a casual party and you no longer need to rely on your dance moves to make an impression.

Some of the other amazing styles that can be a game changer for an occasion such as a casual party are the funky oversized frames, the retro round styles in thick acetate frames, and the edgy square glasses.

College Glasses

Students are fashion enthusiasts in a big way and they understand very well that glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories that they can add to their style.

Students need glasses not only as an eyesight correction tool but also for other functions such as blue light protection, especially with digital mode of learning becoming the new normal. Whatever be the purpose for which students use their glasses, they are a super effective fashion accessory to style. 

Coming to the styles of women’s glasses that are great for college, the good news is that there is an extensive range to choose from. Going bold and playful with your style preferences is the best way to go for college-going students. This is where oversized frames can be a game changer. Whether you choose the classic metal frame variants or the chunky acetate frames, oversized frames will bring out the best in you.

Another brilliant style is the sophisticated clear frames in styles like classic aviators or the retro round glasses. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the frame colours if you are looking to make a strong fashion statement with your glasses.

The Professional Workplace

To keep your professional physical appearance on point at your workplace, a pair of glasses can be very helpful. Your search for an ideal pair of ladies glasses for the office will end with a pair that brings about a touch of professionalism to your overall visual appeal.

One of the biggest trends of modern times is that of half rim glasses that can do wonders at your office. For those with angular facial features, round glasses with metal frames will fit perfectly into your workplace setting and also accentuate your facial features to perfection. For those whose face shapes lie towards the roundish end, the decent but elegant rimless rectangular glasses are exceptional in bringing professionalism to your style. 

Browline glasses are also an exceptional style for the workplace. Their offbeat structure with thicker upper rims steals the show wherever you carry them to.

An Elite Gathering

The premium eyewear option of designer glasses are exceptional if you are looking for something elite. However, it’s not that designer glasses are a must for something elite as you can also make an elite fashion statement with non-designer pairs. In case you are looking for affordable designer glasses, you should try out online designer glasses as there are various sites selling pocket-friendly designer glasses over the internet.

Clear frame glasses stand out here too – thanks to their crystal clear outlook. Also known as transparent glasses, clear frames are known for their elite aesthetics. 

Here, you have room to try out other styles as well and your options are not limited to just clear frames. The sleek metal frames, with their high style quotient, fit exceptionally well into an elite occasion. It would be unfair if we didn’t mention the geometric frames here as their sophisticated visual appeal is great for a striking look.

For Holiday Trips

To make your trip more productive and enjoyable, you need to carry along a variety of travel accessories. A pair of glasses is right up the list here. Talking about the particular styles, opt for something that is easygoing and matches well with holiday vibes. Sunglasses are also a must have during a trip as you will have to face outdoor sunny conditions.

Every style goes well here, but just try to keep things fun and playful. Make a shift from the regular variants, and instead take the unconventional route.

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