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Choosing the Right University Recruitment Management System

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A University Recruitment Management system (URM) is a system designed to manage and track candidate applications. These systems can be configured to suit various campus needs and have powerful reporting and compliance tools. These systems also offer a personalized candidate experience and automated communication. Choosing the best URMS for your school or college can help your university attract top candidates and increase retention rates.


The Yello University Recruitment Management system streamlines the recruitment process for universities and colleges. It eliminates the need for internal communication and streamlines everything from scheduling meetings to onboarding candidates. In addition, the system supports multiple users at the same time. The Yello system allows for multiple users to work on the same sheet at the same time.

It can handle top-of-funnel events, virtual candidate engagement, and even interview scheduling. Yello is already used by companies like Johnson & Johnson, eBay, and Adobe. Recently, it has started developing a campus recruiting solution, and it will soon have a database of over 6 million candidates.

Yello’s talent acquisition software enables leading employers to streamline their recruiting process and hire better talent faster. Its simple user interface makes it easy for recruiters to collaborate and provides meaningful insights. It is used in more than 70 countries and 15 languages.


The Freshteam University Recruitment Management system provides a comprehensive solution for hiring managers to manage all aspects of the university recruitment process. The system helps employers advertise jobs, manage applicants, screen applications, schedule interviews, and share feedback with candidates. Recruiting teams also use Freshteam to manage the candidate experience, extending offers to the most qualified candidates.

Managing campus recruitment can be an overwhelming task, and Freshteam can help ease the process. Its integrated hiring and recruitment workflows help recruiters save time and eliminate mistakes. Freshteam also makes it easy to automate tasks such as scheduling interviews. The software integrates with popular calendar apps and allows you to block time slots for interviewers, while letting them schedule multiple interviews at once from a single screen. Freshteam’s free trial allows you to try out the system without any risk, so you can see if it fits your needs.

Freshteam’s Sprout version comes with an ATS, email integration, and employee referrals. It also has a kanban board for applicant tracking. The system offers 24/7 email and phone support to users. For enterprise customers, Freshteam also offers a dedicated account manager who will help you with any questions.

Expedien eSolutions

Expedien eSolution, a Noida based software development firm, provides university management and student recruitment systems. The company’s extensive line of software applications includes an integrated university management system, an ERP for universities, Wi-Fi & networking, and biometric solutions. Its range also includes integrated admission management and library management systems.

The Expedien ERP system helps institutions streamline their admission process. The process involves submitting admission applications that include candidate information and verifying the eligibility of the applicants. This process is complex and time-consuming when performed manually. However, by utilizing an Expedian ERP solution, this task can be done in a fraction of the time. This streamlined process allows universities to focus on recruiting more qualified students.

The Expedien eSolution University Recruitment Management system is a comprehensive, integrated, web-based application that manages all of the university’s recruitment functions. Integrated with a university website, this system automates a university’s recruitment processes, allowing for real-time information access. With this system, universities can provide a high-quality education to its students while meeting the needs of all stakeholders, including students, faculty members, and parents.


With the growth of digital media, more universities are looking for the right recruitment management system to help them with their marketing campaigns and student recruitment. The Keystone University Recruitment Management system enables schools to effectively manage their online marketing efforts and recruitment campaigns. With smart marketing, targeted emails, and online recruitment, Keystone gives schools the tools they need to find the best students.

Keystone integrates with other recruitment management systems, including HR and payroll solutions. It also offers consulting and management services to clients in the education sector. It also offers a comprehensive career guidance service for students, assisting them with building their online presence, creating their resumes, and conducting interviews. By automating these functions, Keystone frees up employers’ time to focus on the important parts of the recruitment process.

With its powerful talent bank feature, Keystone has revolutionised university and educational institute payroll services and staffing. The Talent Bank system eliminates paper-based controls and high-risk legacy processes. In addition, it generates electronic timesheets for temporary employees and allows managers to approve them online. The timesheets can then be processed in a matter of seconds. A weekly file can be output to an existing payroll system, making the Keystone University Recruitment Management System a fully integrated payroll solution for university recruitment and employment.

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