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Create a scintillating rustic look with these lighting tips

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As modern lighting designs and contemporary lighting designs continue to evolve and impress everybody in the design space, there is a demand for vintage lighting designs and rustic lighting designs that is gradually increasing across the globe. Call it nostalgia or just one’s urge to revisit older designs that were once the real deal in the design industry, most people are now opting for lighting fixtures that have an irresistible rustic appeal or carry hints of vintage design style too. This trend of going with rustic, vintage or antique design styles has also led to the amalgamation of many themes as we know them. Rustic design styles can beautifully fit in farmhouse decor, industrial decor, or even contemporary decor.

Now, the key to creating a rustic look in your decor lies in choosing the right primary lighting designs for your home. If the primary lighting designs complement the theme, then you don’t really have to worry about the secondary lighting designs. Another important factor you’ll have to take into consideration is that the design space, especially the decorative lighting segment, is flooded with LED lighting fixtures. While LEDs are effective, efficient and a lot more things, you really can’t achieve the dream look that you’ve been hoping to get.

You can choose from a number of vintage-style LED lighting fixtures or LED bulbs that bring together the best of both worlds – the practicality of a LED fixture and the look of a vintage or possibly incandescent bulb. You’ll find these vintage-style LED fixtures mostly exuding a warm white shade, and frankly, that’s totally perfect to be flaunted on your rustic designs. There are all kinds of vintage-styled LED bulbs out there that can totally light up your space, including elongated bulbs, globe-shaped bulbs and even candelabra bulbs.

Now that the practicality part is solved, it is time to move on to the aesthetic part and choose the right lighting fixture. A chandelier is the best primary lighting fixture you can go for, and it can be the best way to implement any kind of theme in your decor. A chandelier is bold enough and definitely big enough to catch anybody’s attention first and hence setting the tone of your space. Not just that, a chandelier can beautifully set the ambience of your space and also balance the light between the rest of the fixtures in the space too.

Once you have your chandelier sorted out, go ahead and complement the decor with an ambient lighting fixture like a table lamp, floor lamp or wall light. Each of these designs comes with its own sets of advantages, and each of the designs lends differently to the character of your space. A table lamp can beautifully complete your seating area, while a floor lamp can be used to decorate a corner in your space. A wall light can be placed anywhere in the room to lend to the mood lighting and add a distinct charm to your decor.

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