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Do Google Ads affect SEO?

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It’s a heavily debated topic.

Like you, every marketer’s question is whether Google ads are one of the ranking factors.

In short, the answer is NO. PPC (Pay-per-click) ads/ Google ads won’t help your rank higher, at least NOT DIRECTLY. Then again, the best SEO service provider takes advantage of Google ads to improve ranking.


Keep reading to understand how utilizing PPC ads can boost the ranking.

First – why the misunderstanding?

There’re a few reasons for this unavoidable misunderstanding in terms of digital marketing, namely—

  1. The digital marketing industry is still in the early stage of its expansion because it’s only been 10 years.
  2. As an evolving sector, there are countless inexperienced marketers, and they still understand many aspects of SEO. As a result, they mistake the marketing strategy (Google Ads) as a direct ranking factor.
  3. Google ads make you more visible to your target audience, and therefore, you get more traffic. And that influence a higher ranking on Google.

Google Ad doesn’t help in SEO performance directly

Google has repeatedly confirmed that PPC ads through Google ads have no connection to your organic search ranking.

The reasons are—

Google searches and Ads work independently

Google repeatedly declared that ads have nothing to do with ranking, making it the fundamental reason.

If you check Google Search Central (developers.google.com), you will find their articles saying – it’s a myth in digital marketing.

In addition, the Google official, Danny Sullivan, has confirmed via tweet that Google searches and Google Ads are two different things!

Antitrust and EU competition laws

Google used to be a search engine without ads. That way, Google allowed businesses to compete fairly. Back then, on-page SEO was the only strategy. But it took a turn once Google Ads/ Google AdWords was introduced in 2000.

If your website doesn’t appear organically in the result pages, you can pay Google for it. But the whole point of Google’s existence is to offer organic traffic.

So, what about the businesses that won’t create paid ads? That’s a big question against Google’s ethics. So, does this mean that Google loves those who pay them? Not at all, because it’s unfair.

It’s simply a misconception. Most importantly, Google complies with US antitrust laws and EU competition laws. Thus you can only make your service or page visible till the day you pay. To grow organic traffic, you have to do SEO; that’s what Google prefers.

How can you fuel ranking using Google Ads?

Apparently, there is no relationship between your website ranking and Google ads. But you can make a strategic marketing plan with Google ads. 

What’s that?

Pay Google for a specific keyword.

Many advertisers noticed an improvement in organic search results after running Google ads. That’s mainly because people know about you more via the ads. Make sense now?

Check the following points and learn more about how Google ads can improve your ranking indirectly on organic search results.

More visibility means more traffic

Google Ads is part of your digital marketing plan, an SEO strategy. Thus, when people search using a keyword associated with your industry, Google AdWords will make you appear at the top of the search results.

Also, you can include necessary links, ad extensions, etc. By this, you will be deriving more traffic and familiarizing people about your services, product, or brand.

Test keywords and get into the competition

You can utilize PPC ads data to get insights into your target customers’ responses to a specific keyword. Next, you can optimize for that keyword and create ads accordingly.

Next, you can check again how your customers respond to a specific landing page and even track who clicks on your ads. This way, you can find a powerful keyword and compete against rival businesses. Thus you can also find SEO insights.

Generate backlinks

There is a possibility when someone clicks on one of your paid PPC advertisements and sees your site linked to it or shares it on social media.

Note that that depends on other factors. Regardless, that’s an SEO advantage you get from Google Ads.


Despite many marketers thinking that Google AdWords affect SEO, Google is not a pay-to-play company. But your SEO performance will be covertly influenced by PPC ads.

You can expose your service or content to more customers. As a result, you could see more shares across online platforms and obtain valuable backlinks for your site. So, by leveraging the power of Google AdWords and SEO, you can rank your site higher.

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