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Effective Tips to Deal with Tan Skin

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Do you know about the most common beauty issues? Well, tan skin due to sun exposure is a common skin problem these days. Exposure to harmful ways of sunlight can harm your skin cells and also lead to damaged skin. Direct sunlight exposure can make your skin look dull and also result in tanned skin.

You may have heard about the vitamin D fact from sunlight but excessive exposure can damage your skin even more than you think.

But yes, it is a fact that mild exposure to UV rays can accelerate vitamin D synthesis and also promote melanin in the body. If you stay in the sunlight, it may lead to skin burn or even skin cancer.

A skin doctor in Lahore says that sunlight effects vary from person to person. It may be more dangerous for people with sensitive skin. Skin cancer is a potential risk that can occur when an individual gets direct sunlight exposure regularly for a long time.

Sensitive skin is more vulnerable to suntan. Many people think that wearing sunscreen can prevent the sun-damaged but it does not provide protection to all.

Harmful sunlight rays can lead to lustre loss and result in damaged skin that can make your skin dull.

You need to even take care of your skin more if you are living in countries with a severe heatwave. Many people find skincare products expensive. But yes, there are some other skincare organic ingredients that you can use to remove tan.

Let’s explore more what you can do for suntan removal.

How to Remove Suntan At Home 

You need to stay at home during the peak hours of the day when the UV rays become more dangerous and harmful. But if you experience suntan, you can follow these tips:

Gram flour 

Gram flour is good for overall health and also for the skin. You can mix the gram flour with some other ingredients that provide more effective results and result in more glowing skin.

For example, you can add a few drops of lemon into the gram flour and also add yogurt to make its paste. Apply it to your face and rinse with water after a while.

Once you remove the mask, pat the skin dry and you can see the skin more fresh and radiant. According to experts, gram flour can help to remove the dead skin cells and also give you glowing skin.

The other mask to remove the suntan is the gram flour with turmeric and other effective ingredients. All you need is a bowl and add s tbsp. of gram flour with 1 tsp. of olive oil and lemon juice with a pinch of turmeric.

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Mix the ingredients well and apply them to your face for radiant and glowing skin. You can leave the mask on your face max for 20 minutes but do not leave it for a long time. Try not to make any mouth posture as it can cause wrinkles.


One of the other best ingredients for suntan is the tomatoes that you can apply to your face anytime. When it comes to your skin health and beauty, you should not avoid tomatoes as they are very effective to give positive results to your skin. The other most popular benefit of tomatoes includes skincare and the prevention of pollution and sunburn. They are also rich in vitamin C and also antioxidants that can enhance the growth of the collagen in the body and result in more healthy skin. Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.

Tomatoes also contain lycopene which protects your skin against sunburn by acting as a sunscreen.

They fight the cellular damage and also promote the growth of the new cells in the body that enhance the healing of your skin and provide more radiant skin.

All you need is to mash the tomatoes and separate the pulp. Apply the juice of the tomatoes to the affected areas on your skin and let it dry on your skin for 15 minutes.

Now, you can wash your face with water and can repeat the method twice a week.

If you have been working in the sunlight and are most likely to experience the suntan, you should stick with the tomato juice thing that can help to prevent the suntan and other damage that can occur due to the UV rays of the sun which are very harmful.

Final Thought

If you have been using the sunscreen and still experience the suntan, you should consult with the doctor to check if the sunscreen is suitable for your skin type or not. Experts say that you should always choose a healthy skincare product that contains quality ingredients. 

Using cheap products can leave your skin damaged and also not protect your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sunlight. If you go swimming, wear sunscreen and try to swim under shades.

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