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Find out who is the owner of a website

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Who owns url? The domain name refers to the address through that users are able to access the website. They can be used instead of IP addresses in order to help users find a website without needing to memorize an alphabet of numbers.who owns url

Every domain name needs to be unique and only two domains are identical. You must create a domain name prior to you can use it. If you’re trying to sign up for a domain, but discover that it’s been previously registered you may attempt to purchase your domain from its owns url.
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If the domain owner is using domain name privacy added as an option that means their details will remain private and you won’t be able to locate the details of their domain. In this situation, it is a sign that they don’t have any interest in selling the domain.

How to locate the who owns the domain name

To determine who owns the domain, you can utilize the WHOIS search service. There are several options which allow you to discover who owns a domain without having to pay fees. We’ll use ICANN to determine the owner of the domain.

  • To start, open your browser and navigate on to ICANN.
  • In the box for searching, type the domain name you wish to search for.
  • Click on “Lookup” to search. The search process will start.
  • Now you will receive information about the date for registration of the domain and expiration date of the registry, as well as the owner’s name and address.

Use these contact details to get in touch with the domain owner.

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