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Food challenges: From downright bizarre to absolutely amazing

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The hotel industry is one that is rife with hot competition, and to reach the top, one must beat all odds while challenging the best names in the industry. While the duel between restaurants and hotel chains rages on, man has taken his insatiable appetite for glory and an omnipresent craving for mouth-watering delicacies to the absolute next level. With the various hotel game available to us to play and enjoy, we can get an insight into the world of these various food challenges that range from bizarre to extreme. Here, we will look at the 10 absolutely shocking man vs food challenges ever to be recorded. So, let’s start

10 absolutely shocking man vs food challenges ever

Food challenges are something that comprises competitive or non-competitive events wherein the participant aims to finish a dish within a specific period or aspires to finish an absolutely gigantic platter on their own. These challenges are pretty fun to witness and participate in as well. Although it is not really possible for us to engross ourselves in every culinary delight, we can always gain a taste for it virtually via a hotel game.

  • Hellfire wings, California- Ever wondered what gorging on 12 wings in 10 minutes seems like? Well, the challenge might seem pretty doable when compared to other similar ones, but there is a catch, wherein each wing is bathed in a coating of habanero pepper. Around 9000 people took the challenge and among them, an astounding 80% failed to assess their potential correctly and failed to do so. It was until one Adam Richman decided to tackle this challenge head-on and in doing so, became the first person to overcome this seemingly impossible task. The challenge proved to be a spicy one for everyone involved and it was a glass of good old milk that helped extinguish the flame in Adam Richman’s oral cavity. 
  • Hawaiian mac daddy pancake at Pancake 24/7, Hawaii- For all the diet-conscious folks amongst you, you may want to avoid this one. Boasting a success rate of less than one percent, this big daddy of pancakes weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds. Now, although the pie may look succulent with all the juicy syrups and toppings that it is coated it, the carb content is simply enormous and it is not really humanly possible for most people to consume it in one go, at least not safely. 
  • Dagwood challenge, Ohio- Quantity challenges are something that involves consuming a large amount of food within a stipulated period of time. These challenges can get particularly intense when the consumables contain a huge amount of starch and carbohydrates. If you are someone who wishes to take on such adversity head-on, you should certainly visit the Ohio deli. The ginormous sandwich on offer as a part of the Dagwood challenge is an absolute beast. With multiple layers and fries acting as sidekicks, this challenge is not for the faint-hearted.
  • Hotel dogger challenge, North Carolina- A staple of American cuisine, hotdogs are splattered absolutely everywhere around the country and large cities feature several hot dog stands. One family-owned diner in Raleigh, North Carolina thought it would be a great idea to curate a challenge around these seemingly unflattering dishes. To gain a spot on the wall of fame, all that one needs to do is feast on 17 hotdogs in under 50 minutes. But wait, did we mention that these dogs would be lathered in a pint of mustard and chilly sauce, thereby making this challenge that much more difficult. One would need to be an absolute dog to win this challenge. By the way, if you want to hone your hotdogging skills, now you can by playing a hotel game simulator. 
  • Goliath challenge, Arkansas- Are you thinking of off-beat ideas that can sweeten your next Ozark getaway? We got just the thing for you. How about digging through a 2.5-pound chocolate cupcake within half an hour? Doesn’t sound daunting enough, putting things into perspective would. This cupcake compares in size to 22 regular-sized pancakes and is a behemoth of a dessert. Winning a free t-shirt has never been sweeter now, is it? 
  • Eagle’s challenge, Boston- The city of Boston isn’t all about the tea party and one restaurant is out to prove that beyond any doubt. A platter comprising of fries and a hamburger, each weighing 5-pound, and smothered in 2-pound of cheese shall give you an idea of what this challenge encompasses. This challenge is usually executed in opposing pairs, so if you ever find yourself in the vicinity, why not attempt an eating revolution. 
  • The big Texan steak, Texas- You must have heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and one restaurant took this a little too seriously. The challenge is a simple one. Finish a 72-ounce steak and several side dishes in under 30 minutes and you would get everything for free. No terms or conditions. So for everyone with a giant appetite, you know where to head for your next vacation.
  • The Kodiak arrest, Alaska- Tired of all those chicken and beef preparations and want to mix stuff up? You should certainly consider taking a sled all the way to Alaska where you would be greeted by a humongous platter of crab meat and reindeer sausages besides others. The total platter weighs in at a ponderous 6-pounds. If you have the stomach to intake this much in under 90 minutes, you’d certainly become a legend of the town overnight. A small price to pay to get on the local newspaper now, isn’t it?
  • The Kitchen sink, California- If meats and hotdogs ain’t your thing, how about 2-pounds of ice cream, toppings, and whipped cream? For Adam Richman, this was the absolute way to go. Strategizing on a starchy option, he crushed the challenge after suffering some early hiccups and proved once and for all, that with ice cream, no challenge is tough enough. 
  • The ultimate cheesesteak, Pennsylvania- To wrap up this list, we are going big, like really big, a 5-pounder cheesesteak big. Filled to the brim with beef and cheese and has some fries as sidekicks, this sandwich is certain to bring even the best down to their knees, and strategizing is certainly necessary to ace this challenge.

Final take

Food challenges can get intense and the 10 absolutely shocking man vs food challenges ever would drive that point home beyond any doubt. Fortunately, you too can experience these via a simulator hotel game before taking these on in real life as well, perhaps. 


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