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Home Remedies for Prostate Cancer Treatment

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An individual can do home remedies for prostate cancer treatment in addition to or instead of their standard medical care, such as treatments, lifestyle changes, or supplements. Complementary therapies refer to home remedies used in addition to standard medical treatment. Home remedies are considered alternative therapies when they are used instead of standard medical treatment.

If you are considering trying a home remedy along with your current treatment, it is critical to consult your healthcare provider. Some home remedies can decrease the effectiveness of certain cancer medications or treatments. Before ditching standard medical care in favour of home remedies, you should also consult with your doctor or healthcare team. 

As of now, there are no clinically proven home remedies that can cure cancer. Although many may alleviate treatment side effects, none has ever been proven to cure the disease. You could put yourself at risk of incurable prostate cancer if you decide to avoid standard medical care in favour of a home remedy.

A Change in Diet

Dietary changes and regular nutritional foods are several of cancer’s most common home remedies. For example, vegetarian diets are usually plant-based, and weight loss diets typically include juicing or increasing the number of foods that contain antioxidants, such as tomatoes, pomegranates, and green tea.

Overall, research does not indicate that eating fruits and vegetables directly affects your risk of prostate cancer. It has been proven, however, that a healthier diet can reduce your risk of contracting cancer, whether it be recurrent or primary. In addition, according to some outlets, a healthy diet may improve cell cycle progression (the cycle that becomes faulty when cancer develops). Still, others believe it has to do with various positive factors associated with eating well, such as maintaining a healthy weight and regulating hormone levels.


Supplements fall into the same category as dietary changes. There is no definitive evidence that adding vital vitamins and minerals to your diet will stop cancer growth, but this may have some benefits. Nutritional supplements have been studied for their effect on cancer patients in a small number of studies, if not all. For example, despite a large trial testing dietary supplements for prostate cancer, it was discontinued early due to no positive results.

Plant Extracts or Herbal Supplements

Many medications, including cancer drugs, can interact with herbal supplements like St. John’s wort. It is important to tell your provider before using herbal supplements, even if they have side-effect-relieving properties. The pharmacist can tell you whether you can use it safely.

BPH, non-cancerous growth of the prostate gland with ageing, is treated with saw palmetto and other plant extracts due to their antiageing properties. However, no substantial evidence has yet been found that saw palmetto helps prevent prostate cancer or decreases its


Both turmeric and milk thistle may have some anticancer properties, but neither can reduce prostate cancer risk or slow its growth.

Therefore, more research must determine whether dietary supplements affect prostate cancer risk or progression.

Oils with Essential Properties

Aromatic plants produce essential oils. A diffuser or inhaler can be used to inhale these oils, or they can be applied topically. However, in published studies, there has been no evidence that essential oils can cure cancer, even though they may reduce stress, anxiety, chemotherapy side effects, nausea, and vomiting related to cancer.

Oils like these may affect the brain’s sensory and emotional systems and relieve pain or inflammation. Also used for stress relief and pain reduction, essential oils can be used in massages as complementary medicine.


Marijuana, also known as cannabis, contains cannabinoids. The cannabinoids in marijuana can be psychoactive, causing the typical mind-altering effects associated with it. Cannabis is typically used for relieving cancer symptoms and side effects, although some cannabinoids might have anticancer properties. 

Regarding chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting, dronabinol and nabilone are FDA-approved cannabinoid drugs. It is also possible to relieve pain with cannabis. If you suffer from side effects or symptoms, you may want to try CBD oil, which contains cannabidiol.

Green Tea

Green tea has polyphenols, a plant-based compound that has the power to influence tumours inside human bodies. Green tea can be taken as a preventive measure since it can hinder the development of prostate cancer in the body.


The following list does not contain all the home remedies available for prostate cancer treatment. If you are interested in attempting any of these home remedies as part of your cancer treatment, or if you want to stop your treatment altogether, you should always consult your doctor first. 

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