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How A Certification Under Leading SAFe® 5 Brings With It New Career Advantages

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If we go back in time no one would have ever thought that the scale agile framework would become such a revolutionary framework in the upcoming decade. With a popularity rate of 37% as stated by the 15th state of agile survey SAFe 5 is one of the most popular frameworks available out there. Opting for SAFe 5 certification brings you many opportunities that can help you to give a push to your career and make you more satisfied in life. There are multiple advantages of pursuing SAFe 5 Agilist certification that we would be discussing in this article.

International recognition

If you look out on the Internet there would be multiple statistics that would present you with the fact that pursuing SAFe 5 certification could be one of the finest decisions you ever made in your career. One point that is highlighted in almost every blog post is the international recognition of the SAFe 5 certification. SAFe 5 certifications such as Leading SAFe 5 certification is recognized all over the world since it offers a scaled agile framework, hence more and more organizations wish to keep SAFe 5 certification as one of the qualification criteria for entering their company.

 Salary hike

One of the most prominent reasons why most people pursue leading SAFe 5 certification is because they want a salary hike. Actually, at the end of the day, anyone who wishes to learn something new or looks to add a new skill to their resume has this point in their mind. For this purpose, save certification is one of the finest ways to receive an increment in your salary as it is one of the most renowned and very widely accepted certifications.

Helps you to work on complex projects

SAFe 5 certification is one of the finest ways to learn how to tackle and work on complex projects that are being delivered by the company. It helps companies to innovate new things that might be complex and hard to start with. Hiring a leading SAFe 5-certified person in your company might help you to work on such projects and innovate through such projects regularly. For the newly certified SAFe 5 individuals, this certification gives an edge to them by highlighting them as the ones who could work on such complex projects by scaling scrum-based development. Hence being a leading SAFe 5-certified individual among a group of people that are applying for the same post might help you to take a step ahead of every other people in your group.

Improvement in the decision-making capacity

Once you pursue leading SAFe 5 certification by completing any SAFe 5 agilist course, develop yourself as an individual who could be better at decision-making at an organizational level. There are a lot of companies that hire SAFe 5-certified individuals for the posts in their company that hold decision-making responsibility. This post offers a great salary as well as a better workplace environment. Further, they help you to boost your career exponentially. But one must not align themselves with the salary benefits as a reason to pursue leading SAFe 5 certification but take it as a way of learning new skills as well as imbibing greater values that might help you to boost your career in many different ways.

More demand for the skills

A lot of surveys have revealed that leading SAFe 5-certified individuals see a sudden spike in the demand for their skills and companies tend to pay more for the same skills once they get SAFe 5-certified. This demand is due to the improvement in the decision-making capacity of an individual, problem-solving ability, and ability to leverage scrum-based development. Hence if somebody is willing to gain such highly demanding skills they must not wait long enough but pursue SAFe 5 certifications.


Seeing the benefits of SAFe 5 certification, it is very clear that being SAFe 5 certified gives you a lot of edges and takes you one step ahead of your peers. Anybody willing to accelerate their career and give themselves a push to earn more and get more skilled must pursue leading SAFe 5 certification. Being a SAFe 5-certified individual presents you with various benefits that are lifelong. This is because the skills that you gain through your journey of qualifying for the SAFe 5 certification help you to gain a lot of skills that are helpful in other parts of your life as well. Hence to conclude we can say that leading sales certification is one of the finest certifications available out there to help you get recognized among a group of people having similar skill sets.

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