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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing How We Search

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With search engines getting better with each passing day, there are things that humans cannot do, especially not all day, every day. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, search engines are able to get you to where you need to go that much faster. Keep reading to learn how A.I. is changing how you search.

It Filters Out Spam

Nothing is more irritating than needing to search for something on deadline, only to be directed to pages that have nothing to do with what you are looking for. A.I. helps filter out all of those pages and makes sure you get relevant search results. You still need to take the first results with a grain of salt, as there are people that pay for their sites to get to the top of everyone’s search results.

Helps With Online Shopping

A.I. doesn’t just use search engine optimization to help you do research for your assignments. It also uses it to give you personalized recommendations based on a culmination of everything you have searched before. So the next time you are shopping for unique throw pillows, keep in mind that it is A.I. that holds responsibility for having unique throw pillows appear in your searches for the next six months.

Chat Bots

People have to sleep sometime, so after a business has closed for the day, A.I. takes over for the staff in the form of chat bots. While they are able to answer some questions, they may not be able to provide the answers you need if your question is too detailed or specific for it to handle. There are so many questions that can only be answered by human staff. While this might seem like an arbitrary thing to have, the bots are incredibly helpful when someone is having a technical issue in the middle of the night. Very rarely can a business employ enough people to keep a help line running day and night, and those that do still need A.I. running help chats in the background. 

It seems that A.I. is being implemented in most industries, and will continue to be developed and improved so it can operate at its maximum efficiency while helping the most people. Keep this article in mind the next time you think about A.I. and take a moment to reflect on how it has helped you and in how many ways it helps you now.

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