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How can you determine the model and configuration of your Laptop Model and Configuration

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Wans u know what kind of computer do i have? These details aren’t as comprehensive as what you will get them through the utility for system, which gives a detailed overview of the laptop’s information regarding system configuration. The most significant information you’ll receive from the system utility are the laptop’s model, services that are currently running and installed as well as a complete description of the hardware components, such as the disk drive as well as devices. This utility may be executed running it with the Windows Run command.
what kind of computer do i have
Windows has an integrated tool that is able to get configuration of your laptop. Use these guidelines to understand the laptop’s configuration completely.

Hit the Windows Key. This will bring up the Start screen.

Input “Run”. Select “Run” in the results list you will see on your screen.

On the Open field In the Open field, type in “msinfo32”. Then, click “OK”. This will display the information window for your system displayed on screen. There you will find specific information regarding the configuration of your system. On the left of the window, you’ll see the list of categories and on the right-hand side of the pane, you will find the descriptions for each category that you can see.

In the right-hand side of the window that you are viewing right now, you will be able to know the basic layout of your notebook, including BIOS version and physical memory.

From the list of options select the item you would like to know, and click twice. You will see an array of sub-categories which are listed. Click on the sub-category you are interested in now to see the complete details of the sub-category. If, for instance, you’re looking for the display information on your laptop, double-click on the ‘Components’ tab and then click Display. The three categories that are available are the ‘Hardware Resources and Components and ‘Software Environment’.

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The other methods to find out the configuration of your system on your laptop


Click the Start button, and then enter “system” in the search box. Select ‘System information under the tab ‘Programs’..


Click on the System summary and you’ll be able to see details of the operating system running by the PC, the specifics of the processor as well as the fundamental input and output systems, as well as RAM information.


Make sure you double-click “Components.” From the list that you be presented with pick the hardware device. You will be able to find out details regarding its manufacturer’s name, where to find the driver and additional information.


Select the Start button. click right-click upon “Computer” followed by clicking “Properties”. This will show details about the laptop’s computer model and manufacturer as well as operating device, memory specifications along with the model of processor.


On the case of a Windows laptop, it is impossible to view the information about the motherboard’s make and model. However, you can utilize third party software such as the CPUZ and SiSoftware Sandra to find out more information regarding the motherboard.

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