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How do I locate an Ross Near Me

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Find Ross Near Me. The Ross Stores, Inc. is a chain of discount department stores with its headquarters at Dublin, California. The name of the brand is associated with high-quality, affordable clothing. According to the most current data, there were 1 649 stores in the U.S. as of June 06 2022. If you’re seeking an affordable price visiting the Ross store close to your home is an ideal alternative. To assist you in finding the ideal outfit to suit your personal style, look up the Ross stores nearby times of operation.

ross near me

Moovit can help you determine the best route to travel to a Ross store

There are a variety of ways to reach an Ross Dress For Less location. Moovit is a no-cost transit app that offers directions as well as real-time timings for the arrival of subways, buses, and trains. If you’re searching for the fastest method to reach the Ross retailer within Manhattan, Moovit has you covered. The app will provide you with the time required to travel to the store, in addition to the nearest stations.

Moovit provides discounts for seniors

Moovit has a profile specifically for seniors. You can cut down on the cost of public transport when you select this profile. Moovit will determine the price of your journey, and then charge you retroactively depending on the distance of six zones. Senior citizens can select between two profiles in order to avail discounts. These profiles can be activated by filling in the relevant documents. If you are eligible then you may be able to utilize Moovit to get free rides!

Moovit provides a broad range of navigation options it, including public transit routes as well as taxis and rideshare services. Additionally, it provides official and user-generated information to assist you in saving money. The navigation of Moovit is free to TIM subscribers up to December 11th. After this date, users will have be charged for. The free version comes with real-time alerts in case the train or bus service is disrupted.

Seniors are also able to enjoy free lunch or breakfast in restaurants that provide senior discounts. Back Yard Burgers, for example, gives discounts of 10 percent for senior citizens and provides an alcoholic drink for free along with their meal. Fuddruckers also offers 10% off for senior citizens, and includes a special platter for seniors with burgers and side dishes. Although many discounts may appear restricted to restaurants however the fundamental idea behind them will be the exact same: elderly citizens have to travel.

Moovit is receiving $50m of funding from the Series D round of financing which was led by Intel Capital. Other investors include Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, BMW iVentures, NGP, Hanaco, and Vaizra. If Moovit receives additional funding the company will increase its sales staff across the world along with investing in its Mobility as a Service platform. It is planned to enhance the features of the platform which will aid in helping Moovit achieve even greater reach and enhance its customer service.

There were 1,649 Ross stores across the U.S. as of June 06, 2022.

The chain operates in 1,649 locations throughout in the U.S., with over 90 stores situated in California as well as Guam. It launched a new location in Camarillo on the 16th of July 2022. The new location will cover 24 acres and will be located at Camarillo Village Square. The chain currently operates 335 locations across California. The company has 1950 off-price clothing stores as well as DDD’s DISCOUNTS home stores.

The company intends to establish 75 new stores in the U.S. by 2022, with California being the most concentrated having 329 outlets. It’s nearly one-fifth of all locations of the company within the U.S. The information is available as an Excel file, which includes telephone numbers and geo-coded addresses for each site. These numbers are current on January 29, 2022.

Although many off-price retailers have struggled due to supply chain problems, this chain is growing and continues to extend its brand. The headquarters moved away from Newark in Newark to Pleasanton, California, in 2003.

In 2007 its stock was traded on S&P 500, NASDAQ, as well as it was listed on the Fortune 500. The company’s main Ross Dress for Less brand has over 1,649 locations across the U.S. It’s a discount-priced apparel chain with a markup that is competitive offering name-brand clothing as well as accessories, footwear and home accessories with prices ranging from 20 to 60 percent off the retail cost. The chain’s retail stores are targeted at middle and lower-income customers.

Hours of operation

If you’re planning on buying something from Ross it is likely that you have to know the hours they are open. You may be searching for something specific but cannot find it in the normal shop. The times for the majority of stores on the internet however, what is the case with Ross? The discount clothing chain is open on Saturdays and Sundays, which means you can shop during these days. However, the hours for Ross could vary depending on the specific dates of the week.

Similar to department stores, hours for Ross are different. It’s open from 9 until 10 pm, Monday through Thursday, but it opens an hour earlier on Fridays and Saturday. Sundays and Saturdays are generally closed until 11:00 pm There are some exceptions. In general the hours of operation in Ross are the same. Ross shop are exactly the same on days of the week. On weekends that are holiday or other special occasions they have different hours. Be sure to check their official website to find the exact timings on those days.


Locating the best Ross store close to me is easy. Look up Ross stores by the location in Google Maps and click on the red pin. The business address will appear as well as contact details and locations on the map. Click the map’s larger link to find out more information about the location. If you’re ready to buy you may call the store or go to their website to buy the product. If you’re planning to purchase something on the internet, make sure you read the customer reviews.

Store hours differ by locations. Some stores are open until 11pm during Christmas and Thanksgiving, while other stores close earlier. Check out Ross’s website Ross site for further details. To locate the nearest store, type in your zip code as well as the city name. This will show the list of stores that are in the area. Then, you can choose the one you would like to visit. If you’re searching for an ideal gift for someone special or just a few essentials to keep in your home, you’ll find the items you’re looking for at a low cost.

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