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How do I register for TIN online?

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Looking to register your TIN certificate online? But don’t know how to do it? Well, this article will help. In the following section, you will get a detailed description of the steps of online TIN registration Bangladesh.

What is TIN?

A taxpayer’s Identification Number or Tax Identification Number is referred to as a TIN. In Bangladesh, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) issues TIN Certificates to taxpayers. Using a TIN, the government can quickly determine a taxpayer’s identity.

TIN certificates were formerly exclusively issued by NBR using a manual procedure and had a 10-digit number. After then, NBR launched the e-TIN Certificate, an online mechanism for getting TIN Certificates, to speed up the entire process.

How to Register for TIN Online? [10 Easy Steps]

The registration process for an e-TIN Certificate is fairly simple. Using a mobile device or computer with an active internet connection, one may quickly register for their e-TIN Certificate.

Follow the steps below to register for an e-TIN Certificate online:

#Step 01

Visit the e-TIN Registration Portal of the National Board of Revenue Bangladesh to receive an e-TIN certificate. The Home Page is seen in the attached image. After that, you must register by clicking the Register option.


#Step 02

You need to complete the Registration form to register. You must provide the following details:

  1. User ID: It can be your complete name or a shortened version with no spaces and just capital letters.
  2. Password: Fill in your password. To access this website later, you must remember your password.
  3. Security Question: You are required to select and respond to a security query. You will be prompted if you try to change your password or forget it.
  4. Country: Bangladesh
  5. Mobile Number: You must enter a working cellphone number, where they’ll send a verification code. You must enter that number to finish the registration process. 
  6. Email: Giving your email address is not a must. But you need to provide it if you have one. 
  7. Verification Letters: Lastly, you must type the verification characters in block capitals exactly as they are.


#Step 03

Once you fill up and submit, you’ll receive a text containing the verification code. Next, enter the activation code, and press the “Active” button. Your account will then be activated.

#Step 04

Your profile is now active and available for usage. To access your account, enter the username and password that you entered previously.

#Step 05

Log in to your account. Then, select the “Click here” option to register for TIN.

#Step 06

You can apply for your TIN Certificate by entering the necessary details. You must provide the following details as follows:

  • Taxpayer’s Status:
  1. Individual > Bangladeshi (if you have it for individual and personal use)
  2. Individual > Bangladeshi> Having NID 
  • Registration Type: New Registration (If this is your first time getting TIN)
  • Main Source of Income: Enter your profession, service, or others 
  • Location of the main source of income: Choose the district where you work.
  • Location: Choose your specific region. 

Next, select “GO TO NEXT” from the menu.

#Step 07

Now, submit your Basic Data following your NID.

  • The required information includes your name, gender, NID card details, date of birth, parent’s names, spouse’s name, contact details, email, and current and permanent addresses.
  • Then, choose “GO TO NEXT” from the menu.

#Step 08

This stage requires you to examine your information one last time to determine whether it is accurate. Additionally, you’ll discover that this account will be connected to your NID Card picture and other data.

If all information is accurate, submit your application by clicking on the BOX.
# Step 09

Your e-TIN Certificate is now prepared. You can see your electronically generated TIN by selecting “View TIN Certificate.”

#Step 10

The e-TIN Certificate you get will resemble the image in the attachment. You may download, print, and save this document with your mobile device or computer. Besides, you can email the TIN Certificate.

You may then enter your account using your User ID and Password and get your e-TIN Certificate.

To wrap up

While you are living in this country, it is your duty toward your country to pay your TAX on time. Paying the TAX will require documentation to determine your eligibility and the amount you must pay.

Ultimately, this TAX is being used for your interest, and not paying it is a criminal offense. So, be a good citizen, pay the TAX on time and get the TIN certificate accordingly.

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