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How much does it cost to travel to the USA

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More than the payment of the necessary documentation prior to boarding, the biggest investment will be with the realization of the trip itself.

However, as the United States is a country of continental dimensions, it is necessary to delimit the objectives, travel time and cities to be visited. Only then will you have an idea of ​​costs.

Anyway, we list some price averages for you to plan and how you can save by going to the country!

Set your destinations
First of all, if you are going to travel to the USA as a tourist, you need to choose your main destination or if you intend to visit more than one place during the opportunity. Only in the main cities of the country, it is noticeable that each region has different attractions. So, consider the priorities of what you want to know to define your route departing from Singapore.

From then on, the first price variation when traveling to the US will be on airline tickets. The more frequent the route, the more likely you are to find good deals. Remembering that the best way to pay cheaply on international trips is to buy tickets with miles. ATV Rental in Palm Spring

For this, count on the help of the EPMilhas team to research and purchase your tickets. The team will find the best rates for you to travel and save even more!


The variations also follow in the expenses that you will have on a daily basis. That’s because each state in the country has its own percentage of taxes on goods and services. Thus, the values ​​vary depending on the destination of your trip.

In addition, the places where you will eat will also make the values ​​for food relative.

At more upscale restaurants and establishments, consider spending between $15 to $40 per dish (per person). Already in fast foods and simpler establishments, you will be able to eat paying between US$8 and US$12, on average.


Just like food, accommodation is another aspect of variable values, not only due to taxes, but also due to the dimensions, demands and attractions of different cities. Check below how much it costs, on average, a night for a couple in some of the main cities in the United States:

  • Las Vegas: three stars from $140; four and five stars from US$400.
  • Los Angeles: three stars from $130; four and five stars from US$400. Click here for ATV Rental in LA
  • Miami: three stars from US$190; four and five stars from US$450.
  • New York: three stars from US$250; four and five stars from US$400.
  • Orlando: three stars from US$130; four and five stars from US$250.


Ready to start getting documents and traveling to the US?

Remember that here on the site we have several itineraries and tips on different destinations, including some of the main cities sought after by tourists within this country!

Remembering that every time you book your hotel, buy travel insurance, buy a cell phone chip, rent a car, guarantee tickets for tours or buy your airline tickets through the links here on the blog, you will be helping all content on this blog to continue being free and that I can continue taking this project to all travelers!

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