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How often should I change a road bike helmet?

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It’s hard to make a blanket statement about the durability of road bike helmets. Approximately adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for the maximum service life.light up hover shoes and it is best to buy a road bike helmet with CE marking. This guarantees that the helmet complies with EU safety regulations.

The price does not matter. In addition to UV light, adhesive can also damage the outer shell made of plastic. So it’s best not to put your own designs with stickers on your helmet!

Is there a road bike helmet test from Stiftung Warentest?

In 2018, Stiftung Warentest published an annual best list with a total of 194 road bike helmets for women and road bike helmets for men. In April 2017, there was a bicycle helmet test of 15 different types of bicycle helmets. Here, too, road bike helmets for women and road bike helmets for men were looked at.

While the winners and runners-up for 80 euros and 60 euros respectively protected their heads very well, many of the other helmets were found to have shortcomings in safety.

How much does the ABUS ADURO 2.0 weigh and is the visor removable?

The weight of the ABUS ADURO 2.0 is 275 g and thus belongs to the lightweight bicycle helmet category. The visor is equipped with a click system, which is easy to remove and reattach in the handling.

Can the Uvex Unisex helmet be closed with one hand?

Yes, the Uvex Unisex helmet can be opened and closed comfortably with one hand. In addition, the snap-in function offers the possibility to adjust the closure very easily.

For which size is the Shinmax bicycle helmet suitable?

The Shinmax bicycle helmet fits with a head circumference of 57-61 cm. With a rotary knob on the back, the size can be adjusted perfectly.

Can this Uvex Unisex Adult, i-vo cc bicycle helmet also be used for trekking?

Yes – It is a sturdy all-around helmet that can be used in many activities.

Is the Uvex Unisex – Adult, i-vo bicycle helmet also available in a white design?

Yes, you have this possibility. This helmet for adults can also be purchased in white.

Is it possible to purchase the ALPINA FEDAIA bicycle helmet, unisex adults in a striking shade?

Yes, there is this helmet e.B. in a striking yellow shade to buy. This means that you will be seen in traffic.

What is the design of the Casco Speedairo road bike helmet?

The Casco Speedairo helmet, which was awarded as the comparison winner in the road bike helmet comparison 2020 on Autobild.de, is manufactured as a double in-mold. This makes this road bike helmet light and very safe.

Is the Uvex Boss Race equipped with reflectors?

The Uvex Boss Race road bike helmet has reflective stickers for good visibility.

How can the Uvex i-vo 3D road bike helmet be adapted to the shape of the head?

It starts with the choice of size: if the head circumference is between two sizes, the larger one is recommended. Inside the helmet, there is a webbing that can be infinitely adjusted. The height can also be adjusted as desired. For cleaning, you can remove the inner workings, which are fastened with Velcro dots.

Is the Giro Agilis bicycle helmet available in different sizes?

Yes, you can buy the Giro Agilis model from our road bike helmet comparison in three different sizes. best stakeboard tricks the size S is suitable for a head circumference of 51 to 55 cm. The helmet in size M is recommended with a circumference of 55 to 59 cm and size L should be worn with a circumference of 59 to 63 cm.

What material is the POC Unisex Adults Omne Air SPIN helmet made of?

The outer material of the POC Unisex Adults Omne Air SPIN helmet is made of polycarbonate. The rest of the helmet is made of plastic.

For which head circumference is the Giro Isode bicycle helmet suitable?

The Giro Isode bicycle helmet can be flexibly adjusted and can therefore be worn with a head circumference of 54 to 61 cm.

Can the harness and head size of the Uvex race 7 road bike helmet be adjusted?

If you want to buy a road bike helmet, you get a well-adjustable product. The strap can be easily adjusted and also the head size is adjustable by the rotation mechanism, here you can adjust from 51 – 61 cm head circumference.

What is the wearing comfort of the Uvex I-VO bicycle helmet (bundle with sports glasses) at high temperatures?

The bicycle helmet is comfortable to wear due to a low weight of approx. 225 g. It has 24 vents so that heat cannot accumulate. The helmet pads can be removed for washing. With the included glasses, the solar radiation is reduced to a light transmission of 9-18%. The panes are mirrored and thus also protect the eyes from infrared radiation.

What grades did the individual road bike helmets receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal road bike helmet test winner from the following list:

First place – good: Isode from Giro – exemplary Internet price: 49 Euro

Second place – good: Speedairo from Casco – exemplary Internet price: 191 Euro

Third place – good: Savant von Giro – exemplary Internet price: 73 Euro

Fourth place – very good: race 9 by UVEX – exemplary Internet price: 188 Euro

Fifth place – very good: Aeon 16 from Giro – exemplary Internet price: 200 Euro

Sixth place – very good: In-Mould helmet men from AWE – exemplary Internet price: 41 Euro

Seventh place – very good: Aventor by Abus – exemplary Internet price: 115 Euro

Eighth place – very good: -Bicycle helmet from Shinmax – exemplary Internet price: 44 Euro

Ninth place – very good: i-vo from UVEX – exemplary Internet price: 38 Euro

Tenth place – very good: race 7 by UVEX – exemplary Internet price: 85 Euro

For the road bike helmet comparison, only “very good” road bike helmets and “good” road bike helmets from 9 different manufacturers could be identified. In order to make it easier for you to choose despite the high quality of all road bike helmets, the comparison also includes a comparison winner Isode from Giro and the price-performance winner Boss Race from UVEX.

In the road bike helmet comparison, the manufacturer UVEX has the most road bike helmets in the product table with 7 out of 20 different products.

From how many different manufacturers can the best product be selected in the road bike helmet comparison?

In the product table for the road bike helmet comparison, which was compiled by our editors, you have the opportunity to choose a road bike helmet from 9 well-known manufacturers.

How much do the road bike helmets cost on average in a product comparison?

On average, you can spend between 199.95 euros and 27.99 euros for a road bike helmet. We recommend our price-performance winner Boss Race from UVEX, because for 53.30 euros you get good quality at an adequate price.

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