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How to choose the ideal head shaving tool?

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Choosing the ideal head shaving tool can be tricky, especially if you have embraced baldness very recently. The reasons behind men opting for a bald hairstyle can be varied such as hair loss problems, tonsuring, or mere styling purposes. Whatever has been your reason for a head shave, it is important to maintain it for looking good and presentable. There’s a common misconception that a shaved head requires no grooming or maintenance. This prevailing misbelief is contradicted by the rising demand for the best head shaver in the market.

Head shaving is quite different from shaving other parts of the body. Reasons are outright such as dome head structure, uneven ridges, inability to look at it while shaving, etc. Therefore, it is extremely vital to choose an ideal shaving tool that eliminates the risk of cuts and burns while giving a smooth close shave. While visiting your hairstylist or a salon can assure a well-groomed shaved head, it’s not possible to do it very often. At the same time, you can’t afford to leave your bald head unrazored or scruffy for very long. Ideally, grooming should be an everyday practice as it makes you appear more appealing and inviting. Those with low hair growth can do it once in two days to maintain their presentability.

Enough said about the grooming schedule and its importance, the focus remains on choosing an ideal tool that will facilitate a seamless head shaving experience. As a baldie, you must have come across various suggestions for the ideal head shaving tool from famous bald men, brand promotions, or even random strangers on social platforms. Some insist on using an electric razor for head while others glorify the efficiency of a manual razor. But how would you know which is the best choice? The number of people shaving their heads equals the number of opinions on the perfect head shaving tool.

So, is there a clear answer to which is the best head shaver in the market? Unfortunately, there’s no definite conclusion to this debate. Every individual with a shaved head has something different to add to this. Other factors like product promotions and endorsements have further complicated the entire process. Simply put, choosing an ideal head shaving tool is a completely personal choice. What you expect from a head shave is the sole basis on which you can make a decision.

The two leading choices that stand in the market are an electric razor for head and a manual razor. Both have their own USPs; however, it’s on you to decide what works best for you. To help you analyze and pick the best shaving tool for yourself, below listed are the key factors that you can consider while choosing the ideal head shaving tool:

  • Shaving Time – This is a primary factor to consider while picking a head-shaving tool. The time you can manage to allot for your daily head-shaving regime will be altered by the shaving tool you choose. An electric head shaver is perfect for a quick head shave while a manual razor requires prep and additional resources to get done.
  • Quality of shave – The type of shave you prefer is important while picking a shaving tool. While a modern head shaver facilitates a quick and standard shave, shaving with a manual razor gives the closest shave possible. Hence, if you’re looking for an absolute close and clean shave, a manual razor is your tool!
  • Pricing – Pricing plays a vital role when choosing a tool for shaving the head. Manual head razors are available at much cheaper prices as compared to the electric alternatives. However, the longevity of these differs significantly. If you’re willing to make a valued one-time investment then an electric head shaver should be your choice!
  • Skin type – Many people have sensitive skin that is prone to frequent infections and rashes. If you’re one of them then it’s important to note the blade quality of the shaver, required shaving products, etc. before purchasing. For instance, head shaving using a manual razor requires a lathering agent, water, and aftershave lotion. Therefore, you must know what suits your skin before applying it to your skin.
  • Flexibility – The design and portability of a head shaver is a vital consideration, especially when you travel very often. An electric razor for head is best suggested for traveling purposes where resources are limited and you require quick grooming.

There You Go!

The increasing demand for a bald hairstyle has led to various brands coming up with the best head shaver. You must be bombarded with suggestions and opinions on which is the best head shaving tool. Don’t believe any of those blindly! It’s not that they are misleading you but the choice should be made as per your individual preferences and needs. Hence, make a smart choice with the help of the above-mentioned factors.

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