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How to find Polaris Lance Catalyst

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As Ana Bray says – “I’ve forgotten so much of my past life, of my family. But when I hold this rifle, everything feels right. I feel like… I’m home.” 

Created by Bungie- Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer game which is well known among the pro players worldwide today with this post we will provide you with all the information about this game and the most exotic and unique weapons players use nowadays.

Nascent dawn 4/5 is the latest update of destiny 2, which will only be provided to those players who have cleared the previous 2 stages and are in the 3rd level or have cleared all of the three parts.

Polaris lance catalyst is just another famous weapon that adds perks dragonfly and helps the player to kill with precision and is capable of imposing extensive damage when the user continuously gets precision hits.

This is an exotic scout rifle which can unfold up to 150 rounds per minute.

So, you’ve just made the right choice with this post and we will help you out on how go get or unlock Polaris lance catalyst to take your game experience on a whole different level.

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While using the Polaris lance it enable the player to defeat enemies with excellent succession it provides you an edge by damaging the nearby enemies too.

How to get access to polaris lance catalyst?

The weapon can be obtained when the player completes strikes or participates in crucible and gambit matches.

And once you own the Polaris lance catalyst,

you can unlock/ upgrade it by two methods:

  • Defeating 500 enemies with the exotic scout rifle (which doesn’t require much precision)
  • Or you with a record of 4 consecutive kills in a row by killing 50 enemies in total.

The benefit of using Polaris lance over dragonfly in that it provides the precision hits with wrecking blasts that kills the nearby enemies.

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