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How To Get Rid Of Cramps

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Ever wondered how to get rid of period cramps? Although some girls feel no pain when they get their period, it doesn’t happen in all cases. It is usual for women to feel some degree of pain in their uterus every month due to menstrual cramps.

Some are bearable, and we can continue doing the everyday tasks of the day, but others can keep us between the covers, just wanting to eat while watching a romantic movie. Although this plan sounds excellent, we usually must fulfill tasks or activities that require us to get out of bed.

So, how to get rid of period cramps fast?

Why do some girls have stronger menstrual cramps than others? For this, we must understand why colic occurs in the first place. During the menstrual cycle in the uterus, a tissue called endometrium is formed and thickens. Its function is to receive the possible baby in formation. When the body realizes that we are not pregnant, the expulsion of this tissue begins. That’s why some girls feel them more substantial than others!

How to get rid of period cramps? 

Cramps can appear days before the first bleeding and sometimes lasts the entire period, although it is normal for the pain to decrease in intensity as the days go by, as the abundance of the flow also decreases.

Intense cramps can accompany abdominal pain, back pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Although the menstrual cycle is always different, and these pains can vary from period to period, they are expected to feel less intense over the years.

Even though we know that these cramps are typical in a woman’s body, we don’t always have to endure the pain! Sometimes we can have some natural tricks on “how to get rid of period cramps.” These allow us to heal and reduce pain intensity. Today, we bring you 4 home remedies for menstrual cramps.

1. Take a bath in hot water.

As during menstruation, the muscles contract to be able to expel the blood, an excellent way to make them relax is through hot water. A hot bath helps release endorphins that have a sedative effect and reduce menstrual pain. Apart from that, we will feel fresher and cleaner during these days!

We must be careful that it is not very hot because, on the contrary, it can cause dizziness and dehydration.

2. Use hot cloths

How to get rid of period cramps? The best tip is applying heat to our body has a healing effect. For this reason, one of the best home remedies for menstrual cramps is to put a thermal bag or hot water cloth on our belly, which will help to calm the pain.

We can do it lying on our back while we relax with music to meditate and put the bag on our abdomen for a few minutes. In this way, the muscles will relax, reducing spasms and giving us a moment of relief.

3. Apply essential oils

It is said that if we smell and apply oils that have an analgesic and inflammatory effect on our body with gentle massages, this can help us reduce pain. To do so, we require the essential oil of our choice, for example, lavender, chamomile, roses, and other oils such as coconut, almond, or olive, allowing us to combine and spread them better.

With this mixture, we make circular massages on our abdomen for 5 to 10 minutes which can be repeated throughout the day until we feel much better.

4. Drink hot infusions

Once again, the warmness rescues us from pain! Infusions, teas, or hot aromatics are associated with relieving menstrual cramps and taste delicious! They also bring other benefits. For example, they allow us to sleep more peacefully, improving sleep quality, increasing blood flow, relaxing our nerves, and helping deflate the stomach.

We can choose many delicious options, for example, chamomile, Jamaican flower, mint, or rosemary. Making these aromatics naturally is also very simple such as a delicious cinnamon infusion for menstrual cramps, helping us to say goodbye to the pain. 

We hope now you know how to get rid of period cramps fast!

If even trying these home remedies for menstrual cramps, the pain continues and is very intense. It is best to go to a specialist doctor at the USA Fibroids Center to prescribe more powerful medications and confirm that everything is fine with our health.

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