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How to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website – Best Mobile Web HTML Template

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Mobile-friendly, mobile-ready, and mobile-optimized – you can hear these words in almost any article related to web design. Smartphones are changing the world, making it faster and more comfortable to connect. Modern prospects use mobiles to look for information. Searching for products and services becomes easier with mobiles. All in all, the number of mobiles has already surpassed the number of personal computers, which makes mobile layout important. Completing the project mobile-friendly is critical for a winning website building, whatever you promote, showcase, or offer. Online presence construction has become an easy-to-manage process these days. However, you need to take care of numerous options to make the website popular. 

The good news is that the modern digital market provides everything and anything a beginner might need for a successful promo. To illustrate, take a look at this mobile HTML template selection. It shows how you can save time on website building and cost-effectively get a complete solution for business and service projects. 

What Is a Mobile Website & How to Get It?

A mobile website is a site designed for small screens and smartphones. It should meet the current requirements, like fast loading speed and scrollable sections. Another thing that influences the site’s quality is the browser visitors use. It should automatically redirect mobile visitors to the small-screened website version. Mobile websites render the pages in narrow columns and provide only a subset of their regular website. However, this comes for online pages with basic features.

One might build a separate website crafted to serve mobiles if needed. It would immediately understand when a person uses a smartphone or iPad and redirect them to the mobile website. It might have various navigation options, and you will need to maintain content on separate websites for mobile and desktop. The good news is that one can skip this boring process. Multiple platforms offer mobile site creation, including such popular options, as:

  • WordPress – open-source content management system with many free templates and simple code-free solutions;
  • Moto CMS – easy website builder for beginners with no limitations;
  • Shopify – popular eCommerce platform with numerous easy-to-customize shop-related options;
  • PrestaShop – another popular platform that lets creating eCommerce projects;
  • Joomla – mobile-ready and creator-friendly content management system for proficient users and complete beginners.

These are 5 popular CMSs people use for their first mobile projects. One can search for more options, but we recommend starting with a proven choice.

You won’t need to hire a developer or designer. Mobile web HTML templates and other supporting tools provide ready-made solutions for users of all skill levels. Since a mobile website represents the level of the company’s professionalism, it is a must for anyone who is serious about their project’s development. That is why the modern market offers numerous mobile-oriented products for site owners. How to make the right choice and construct an ideal website? Here is what you need to know about template mobile HTML products.

What is a Mobile Web HTML Template 

Mobile templates are popular these days as anyone is looking for a fast but powerful way to present their business to mobile users. They represent the business or services to the mobile world and allow code-free online promo. Designed to fit all popular screen sizes and mobile browsers, mobile web HTML templates combine beauty and functionality. There are technical requirements a template should meet to make a winning result product. For example, a worthy template contains simple, intuitive content creation. It has ready-made pre-sets and content blocks one can manage with drag & drop. The functionality should be provided by a simple yet intuitive page builder the template contains in the package. Besides, it should ease the process of working with the mobile HTML code for those who want to edit something by hand. And you would be a lot more satisfied with a live editing feature. It helps avoid common mistakes and makes layout creation faster and easier. You get everything smooth and well done on the first try. It is especially good for young designers and those who have never worked with source code before.

Another integral part of a professional mobile web HTML template is Search Engine Optimization. It is essential to optimize your content with popular search engines and make everything load rapidly. SEO-ready templates make Google, Safari, and other search systems locate and scan web content. You get more chances to have new visitors when the site has an excellent reputation. 

For mobile app templates, it is also important to be highly ranked in the competitor’s lists. Popular mobile stotes have millions of applications, so don’t forget to make your app SEO-ready.

So, an HTML mobile template is a page set with a flexible, mobile-friendly layout and affordable editing. People of all skill levels can launch their websites with the help of these digital items. 

Popular Hosting Options for Mobile Websites

Once you have found a mobile web HTML template, you might want to check popular hosting services. These are 10 top mobile hosting services:

  1. Digital Ocean;
  2. Backendless;
  3. Linda;
  4. Back4app;
  5. Firebase;
  6. Kinvey;
  7. AWS Amplify;
  8. Heroku;
  9. Google Cloud.
  10. Alibaba Cloud.

Besides, top mobile web HTML templates provide ready-made pages for mobiles and other devices. With it, you don’t necessarily have to select among hosting services made specifically for mobiles. Your website will also run smoothly with these popular hosting services:

  • GoDaddy;
  • BlueHost;
  • Hostinger;
  • HostGator;
  • A2 Hosting;
  • DreamHost;
  • Network Solutions;
  • IONOS.

Once again, you can look for more variants online. Just keep in mind that whatever you decide to choose, this should provide security, compatibility, and security. Please, take a look at one of our previous posts on how to take care of your hosting for beginners.

HTML mobile app templates are also easy to handle. Worthy examples should have Pixel-perfect design with Retina-readiness and provide an easy app showcase with Bootstrap.

Excellent Mobile Online Promos Examples

It is easier to understand how everything should work when you see the designs in action. Take a look at these 3 eye-catching and well-featured mobile website examples. 


This worldwide popular company has a neat yet feature-rich website for mobile and desktop versions. There’s a minimalist menu header and a categorizable dropdown menu. Though there are numerous pages, nothing overloads the design. You can see a remarkable slider ready for mobiles and a footer with scroll options.


The news website comes with trendy space usage and unique mobile headlines to make content easily scannable. It also has a clickable menu with post categories that provide visitor-friendly navigation. Also, take a look at the CTA blocks. Smartly separated from other content, they attract attention and harmonize with other web design elements. 


Here is another example of a professionally designed website with visible CTA buttons, live search, scrollable sliders and product sections, neat mobile menu. etc. 

3 Well-Featured HTML Mobile Templates Examples

Would you like to know more about the power of mobile presence? Take a look at these mobile web HTML templates with a versatile layout.

Rocket – Fabulous Mobile App HTML Template

The product contains a rich IU kit with Bootstrap functionality, providing a responsive layout. It has Navi – a magnificent HTML page builder that allows simple content customization. Organize your homepage, add mobile-friendly contact forms, and tweak the settings of other visuals without trouble.

Lintense – Landing Page Template for Smartphone Repair Company

Take a look at the product’s demo to try the mobile version of Lintense. You should try the animated Hamburger menu with categories! Plus, you can see well-crafted content blocks for testimonials, social media information, and other essential parts of a mobile website.

Kim – All Loading Template

This product illustrates the work of another popular drag & drop editor – Elementor. Kim has a powerful admin panel, pre-packed with multiple content elements and a versatile layout. It has a Retina-ready design with counters, CTAs, infographics, and other visuals.

6 Things to Consider for a Modern Mobile Website

Here are some trendy components you might want to add to the project’s design. Best mobile web HTML templates already have them in the pack. So, here are the features that get overlooked by web designers very often. No need to code to get them and stay trendy.


Mobile Web HTML Template FAQ

Who can work with HTML mobile templates?

Depending on your choice, templates for mobiles provide various settings. These are products of different complexity. However, professional items provide simple layout building and features that are simple to manage. Templates with mobile-ready design transform your content to the needed screen size automatically. It makes them easy to use for anyone who wants to mobilize their project.

Where do I get a professional HTML mobile app template?

Please, visit TemplateMonster’s gallery with multiple design solutions. These are HTML mobile templates, WordPress themes, eCommerce mobile-friendly products, and many other items based on popular platforms. The smart filters on the left sidebar would help you to find a perfect product by its features, compatibility, price, topic, design, etc.

What are the features essential for an HTML mobile template?

To make the website stand out among other mobile pages, you would need the next options:

  • SEO;
  • Pixel-perfect design;
  • Translation-readiness or multilingual content;
  • Hamburger menu with dropdown;
  • Sticky sidebar or menu for better navigation;
  • Scrollable sliders;
  • Minimalist pop-ups.

Where can I get a mobile website HTML template for free?

It is always better to download freebies from proven marketplaces. Take a look at this category with 1300+ free responsive templates with mobile-optimized design. You might also like the selection of the 12 best free mobile eCommerce templates.

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