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How to properly break your neck to get quick relief According to chiropractors.

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  • It is crucial to break your neck in the correct way since a wrong approach could result in new types of pain.
  • If you are tripping your neck, move it slowly, moving by moving your neck from one side to the other, gradually stretching the muscles.

how to crack your neckHere’s the best way to break your neck, the reasons it is important to consult with your doctor prior to trying another method, and what alternative methods may be better to ease pain.

A stiff neck could cause neck stiffness. It could be caused through trauma, such as an accident in the car and repetitive motions and poor posture at a computer, or other diseases like arthritis, or muscle tension due to tension.

With so many potential causes, it’s no wonder that more than 30 percent of Americans suffer from neck pain at least once a year. They can try try manual osteopathy to get some relief.

This is where rubbing your neck may prove useful although it might not be the ideal method of relief.

“Cracking your neck lightly can help relieve tension and pain on your neck.” claims John Grandominico, DC, a chiropractor at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Additionally, it can help relieve neck discomfort, cracking your neck can aid in reducing lower back pain, headaches and joint problems. If you go about incorrectly, you may pull muscles and nerves, pinch nerves, or cause inflammation, according to Mahmud Kara, MD who founded KaraMD.

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How to break your neck

If you are considering cracking your neck, be sure to consult a physician. They will be able to identify the root cause and determine if that you’re safe to fracture you neck while at home suggests Grandominico.

After you’ve spoken to an expert, it’s recommended to concentrate on gentle moves that are slow, according to Granominico. Your neck’s cracks will feel as a soft stretch, without tension or twisting, turning or jerking. Many people try to break their necks using too much force.

It’s crucial to seek instructions from your medical specialist, here’s a simple guideline on how to break your neck according to Granominico.

1. Take a standing or seated position with an upright back.

2. Place one hand on your lower back, with your palm facing toward the back. The other hand should be on the top of your head with your placing your palms down with your fingers extended towards the other ears.

3. Use the hand on your head to gently pull your ear towards your shoulder. If you’re starting on the left side the arm on your right must be pulling right-side ear towards your left shoulder.

4. Hold for 30 seconds.

5. Then, switch your hand to your head, and repeat steps 1-4 from the opposite side.

There’s no reason to carry straps, towels or any other gadgets, according to Granominico.


When you snap your fingers, neck or your the back of your neck, you’re doing is stretching your joint, according to Kara.

“This could aid in reducing tension and pain, as well as increase mobility,” says Granominico.

The stretching of your joints and neck could offer these advantages even if you don’t hear any pop or crack. A small study has found that people perceive cracks as an indication of relaxation. Even though a crack or pop isn’t required for emotional relief, it could cause a placebo.


If you break your neck in a way that isn’t intentional with the gentle method mentioned above, the chance of injury to yourself is very low. Many people attempt drastic movements to fracture their neck, which may create more pain or create new forms of discomfort.

For some neck cracks can become a routine. In time, it can cause blood vessels to be damaged and in rare instances increase the risk of having a stroke.

It is recommended to see a physician in the event that you experience any of the following symptoms after scratching your neck:

  • Any pain that is more intense
  • Motion is restricted
  • You may be snoring more often – perhaps several times per week

Other methods of relieving tension in neck muscles or stiffness.

There are more effective ways to deal with stiff necks rather than tearing it up according to Kara.

Here’s what could help:

  • Apply both ice and heat: Alternate between hot and cold for minimum two hours of rest between. This is because warmth can relax muscles, and ice may reduce inflammation.
  • Utilize over-the-counter pain medications: Ibuprofen or naproxen will ease pain and lessen inflammation. Make sure you follow the dosage instructions on the label.
  • Massage gently and stretch the affected area.

Insider’s advice for the insider

The reason your neck cracks is an exercise in stretching joints. The cracking sound occurs when air bubbles within the joint fluid are released due to the additional space that comes from the stretching. It can lessen the pressure and make you feel more comfortable.

But, if you break your neck with too much force you could be at risk of sustaining further injuries. Due to this, Kara advises that the majority of patients stick to moderate stretching, and visit an osteopathic doctor or chiropractor osteopathy if they require more intense relief.

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