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How To Successfully Cruise Through First Dates

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The law of attraction is quite a powerful one. You join a dating agency and when perusing through profiles, you come across a drop-dead gorgeous mail order bride that takes your breath away. The magic starts when you make the first move like sending a wink or a message and then she responds encouragingly. From here you enter a cloud of ecstasy exchanging sweet words and flirting, ogling through her sexy photos, and just looking forward to the day that you get to meet her and finally hold her in your arms. But just how do you prepare for and navigate through a first date to match the energy that you share online with your crush?

Preparing For First Dates

There is no greater joy than knowing you are just about to have a one-on-one meeting with that hot mail order bride that you have been crushing on crazily online. Nonetheless, although it might feel like you have broken the ice already, prepare properly for the first date with the below tips: Chichlive

Pick a decent place to meet

Although it might feel like you guys are in love already, remember that this is your first physical meeting and everyone needs to feel very comfortable. Choose a serene public place like a restaurant where you guys can get to know each other without worries.

Groom yourself nicely

Appearances matter a lot on first dates. Although it’s possible to put up heavily photoshopped pictures online, you cannot fake your image during a physical meeting. Wash up nicely and put on your best look to avoid selling yourself short with stuff like bad breath.

Come fully ready

If you have some things to take care of that might interrupt your date, sort them out first. As a guy, carrying some flowers for your date might send the right signs. Also, ensure that your wallet is loaded to avoid disappointing your mail order bride when she wants her favorite meal and you cannot afford it.

Navigating Through The First Date

Now you have finally met the crush you have been dreaming about and everyone looks impressed and curious about what comes next. So how cruise through the date to ensure that you win her over completely and make her yours?

Choose interesting topics

Remember that you are planning to spend the rest of your life with this hot mail order bride and now you have a test of whether you can keep her genuinely interested in you for the next hour or two. To do so, choose fun topics, especially those that can bring laughter.

Show genuine interest in her

Ladies get easily turned off by self-centered guys who are always talking about themselves and bragging. Ask her some personal questions without being too interrogatory and when she talks, show a keen interest in what she has to say.

Maintain positive body language

This is your crush you are talking to, and they are also on the lookout for your physical behavior like how you sit, how you lick your lips, and so on. Maintain eye contact during conversation and also display encouraging cues like a smile and a look of curiosity and being mesmerized.

Throw in some compliments

This is a date and not a meeting with your lawyer or doctor. You are allowed to comment about the beautiful gap on her teeth or how seductively she curves her lips when she smiles. Remember you want this person on your bed.

Be honest

The worst mistake a company can make when selling a product is fake advertising. The lies do come to light sooner or later. Be very honest with your hot mail order bride and reassure them that what they see is exactly what they get.

First dates are important tests because they determine whether a happily ever after might follow or it’s ‘goodbye and nice life’. Use the above tips to nail first dates like a champion.

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