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The Process of installing Printer Driver from 123.hp.com/setup

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A printer driver is software that converts your system data into a format easily understandable by your printer. Your computer should know how to give clear commands to your printing machine, and it uses a printer driver for this purpose. If you are an HP printer user, you can download and install its driver by going to 123.hp.com/setup. In this platform, you will find drivers for various HP printer models. Moreover, you will find instructions to set up your printer quickly. All you need is to navigate to the site and input your printer model name. The site will give you the correct printer setup instructions, drivers, and software.  

Steps to Install a Printer Driver through 123.hp.com/setup

Every new printer user requires to download and install a driver in their systems. Otherwise, the need for installing them arises if you unknowingly delete them from your system. You can easily install a driver through this website. 

  • Firstly, navigate to the page of HP Customer Support for software and driver downloads. 
  • Next, input the name of your printing device in the search bar.
  • The name of your printer is there on the exterior shell of your device.
  • Click Enter after that.
  • Review the different driver options that you find and download those that are compatible with your printer model.
  • Remember that the crucial options will be there at the top.
  • In order to install the software, just double-tap on its downloaded file. You will be able to get stepwise instructions to install it.

How to Use the HP Universal Print Driver?

As the name suggests, the HP Universal Print Driver or UPD allows your system to print on various HP printer models that it supports. What’s more. By using it, you can also print on various non-HP printers. UPD is a good option for those working in an office setting that has various printers. It’s easy to install the Universal Print Driver from 123.hp.com.

  • Head over to the Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads page.
  • Now, type in the name of your printer in the search box. 
  • After that, hit the Enter key. 
  • You will see different driver options. Choose the ‘HP Universal Print Driver’ option. 

Steps to Update the HP Printer Software

After installing the HP driver from 123.hp/setup, you will get several updates to resolve bugs and leverage new functionalities. As a printer owner, you definitely want to use these updates and work efficiently on your computer. There are mainly three techniques to update the HP printer driver. They are explained below.

Use Windows Update

In order to update the HP driver through Windows Update, you must first restart your computer. It will make sure that any updates you install before are not misconfigured.

  • After doing so, hit the Windows key. 
  • Next, launch ‘Check for Updates.’
  • You will find the updates getting installed automatically.
  • If they don’t, hit the ‘Download‘ option. 
  • That’s it, your driver will be updated.

Use the Device Manager

Another easy method to update HP printer software and drivers is to use the Device Manager in your system. Follow these couple of steps to update your HP printer driver via it.

  • Firstly, hit the Windows key.
  • Use the search option to launch Device Manager.
  • Now, opt for the printing device you have linked from those that are available.
  • Next, right-tap the printing device and choose ‘Update Driver.’
  • Alternatively, you can also select the ‘Update Driver Software’ option.
  • Now, hit the option, ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’
  • Now, you will see several instructions on your screen. Use them and install the new updated driver.
  • To make the driver work, start your computer again.

Update the BIOS 

BIOS, or the Basic Input/Output System, provides commands to your computer for carrying out basic jobs. On downloading the HP driver, it will get saved to the BIOS of your computer. If you have an outdated BIOS, it will negatively impact the functioning of your printer driver. So, it’s essential to keep it updated. 

  • Launch the ‘BIOS’ tab to determine its version details and if there are any updates available. 
  • If there’s a higher version that your processor supports, you will see an update listed. 
  • Tap ‘Download‘ when you see the update. 
  • Now, adhere to the instructions of HP Download and Install Assistant to save the BIOS file in your system. 
  • Now, exit any open programs. 
  • Next, disable your security software temporarily. 
  • After that, navigate to the folder where the BIOS update file is saved.
  • After locating it, double-tap it to begin the update installation. 
  • When it completes, adhere to the on-screen instructions and restart your system. 
  • Lastly, you can enable your security software. 

Final Thoughts

HP printer driver is essential as in its absence, your system cannot perform any print job. You can head over to 123.hp.com/setup to find and download the most updated drivers. If you get any queries, ask for help from HP printer technical support experts. 


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