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Important Roles of PRO Service Companies in UAE

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If one is planning to set up a business entity in UAE, a PRO  is crucial to manage day-to-day business operations. Companies should either hire a PRO or outsource this function to PRO service companies in UAE.

For most companies new to the country, the concept of a PRO may be completely new and unheard of. But if they were working in the Middle East, they would have encountered a related concept called PRO (Public Relations Officer).

What Is PRO?

The PRO is responsible for managing all functions related to the official delivery of legal documents, such as official employment papers, business permits and visa processing.

 So the PRO is a Saudi national who manages all government related processes. A PRO professional or company oversees the entire process of applications, document collection, translation, certification, creating accounts on UAE government websites and visiting government offices.

PRO must be fluent in English, possess a valid KSA driver’s license and have thorough knowledge of Saudi labor laws. Hiring a PRO will help you avoid mistakes and delays in all formal processes and stay informed about new regulations and laws that may affect the organization.

PROs also ensure that all employees associated with your company comply with UAE government regulations and labor laws. They work with their HR team and are fully responsible for all employment law matters. The

PRO will work closely with the recruitment teams to ensure all paperwork is completed and received on time, visa approvals and full company compliance. PROs deal directly with ministries regarding sponsorship, licenses and visas.

Why Outsource?

Managing PRO efforts can be both time-consuming and frustrating, especially when internal resources are limited. The PRO must have sufficient experience in the procedures and needs of each ministry to ensure deadlines and avoid fines and delays. A PRO must be aware of the latest nuances of all government regulations and have the skills to implement them in their business.

Due to such complex procedures, PRO operations can be difficult to implement internally. Outsourcing this function to a PRO service organization in UAE helps you focus on the more important tasks of your business.

PRO Role

The PRO role has many aspects, but the most important may be the following:

  • Arrange for the renewal of business licenses
  • Take documents to the Ministry of Labor for visa applications.
  • Submit documents to obtain licenses
  • Represent your organization e.g. at airports, police stations, municipalities, ministries and embassies.
  • Assistance with renewal and registration of company vehicles.
  • Organization of certification of qualifications of employees
  • Update information on visa management
  • Providing constant advice and updates on new regulations of ministries.
  • Pays all fees such as visa transfers, employment office, health checks, bank guarantees and employment cards.
  • Editing invitation letters.
  • Obtain and manage Chamber of Commerce records, Zakat certificates, UAEs certificates etc.
  • Cooperate with labor, immigration and other authorities to obtain work permits, Icams and visas for all workers.

 In conclusion, UAE PRO service companies are up-to-date with UAE laws and regulations, enabling them to respond quickly and help businesses adapt quickly without confusion.

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