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Is 5ms Response Time Good for Gaming?

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In most gaming platforms, you will bump into this question because most monitors accessible today feature a response time of 5ms. Subsequently, this article aims to give you some knowledge into regardless of whether 5ms reaction time is good for gaming. But what is response time, anyway?

In simpler terms, it is the time your display monitor takes to change from one color to another. More often, we relate the response time to the pixels of your display monitor. Present-day monitors change the pixels quickly before showing a precise picture on the screen. With little said, it is easier to confuse a monitor’s refresh rate and its input lag. These are unique in relation to the response time. Besides that, we always estimate the reaction time in milliseconds (MS).

Generally, you require a monitor with a quick response time for a fluid gaming experience. It means a faster monitor equipped for responding to change as fast as possible, mainly if you are into a fast-paced game. Notwithstanding, it is always advisable to use a monitor with a slower response time when gaming (lower response times imply it should be quick).

You will get a superior gaming experience with a monitor with a 2ms response time contrasted to one with 5ms. However, you should not interpret that a 5ms response time is not good for gaming – instead, a monitor with at least an 8ms response time is excellent as well!

Is 5ms response time good?

We measure the response time of a monitor in milliseconds, and we know the unit for measurement of response time as Gray to Gray (GtG). The purpose of using the dark is that switching pixels is very efficient. A dim to dim 5ms (milliseconds) reaction time means your monitor can change shades of color from one to another in an extraordinary responsive time of five milliseconds.

Is 5ms response time good for gaming?

Indeed, for gamers, the response time of 5ms is more than sufficient to be viewed as significant for gaming regardless of which game you are playing, as the action occurs in a matter of milliseconds. Heavy games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA V), Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDA 2), and The Last of us 2 would run as expected on a monitor, having a response time of 5ms. The monitor has a response time of less than 5ms. E-sports proficient gamers who play cutthroat first-individual shooter games prefer a response time of less than 5ms.

With lower response time, you can undoubtedly get your hands on the fast-speed monitors with profound gaming experience, as 1 MS reaction is the best time for gaming monitors. We construct such monitors using panels that are fit for low response time to the client.

For hardcore gamers, a 1ms response time is incredible because there are no effects like ghosting, stammering, or tearing, and for casual gaming, 1ms response time is pointless excess. If 1ms appears costly, 3ms response time is excellent for casual gamers. Essentially, for cheaper choices, there are 5ms response monitors as well.

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