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Link Building: What’s the Best Way?

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Link building has come far from what it was in the early stages of Google. With most businesses looking for ways to link build, employing the correct strategies will not only help you scale up your business, but you will see an increase in traffic to your website. 

However, before we get the best ways to link building, you must ask yourself what resources you are willing to part with. Link building requires time/energy, and money for successful outreach. 

Will you employ a backlink service agency, or will you do it yourself? Once you have that question answered, you can use some tactics. 

Read on to find out the best way to link building. 

Link Building

What Is Link Building?

One of the critical tools in SEO, link building, is acquiring links for your websites from other sites ranging from podcasts, websites, and social media sites.  Which in turn helps build the authority and credibility of your site.

Why Is Link-Building Important for Your Brand

  • Build the Credibility of Your Website

One of the ways that Google ranks a website is by looking at the quality of the backlinks. If your site is getting backlinks from authoritative sites, Google sees that as a green flag and gives the website a higher rank on SERP. A backlink service agency can help you get quality backlinks to rank better. 

  • It helps Contribute to Your Website Traffic and Ranking

High-quality links that point back to your blog/site act as markers to Google that your website is trustworthy and has valuable information for web users, which turns into a higher rating on SERPs. 

  • Link Building Leads to Higher Revenue Opportunities

With increased traffic, your site gets in front of more people who are more likely to purchase a product or service from your store.

So what are some of the ways to link build?

Link Building

  1. Guest Blog /Post

Guest posting is one of the oldest yet most relevant ways to build backlinks. Begin by searching for businesses/websites with high domain authority in the same niche category looking for guest bloggers.

Send a feeler email to see whether they would be interested in having you write content for them. 

If they are, ensure that your content is relevant, unique, and attractive to the audience. 

Guest blogging isn’t only beneficial to you, but the website also gets free content. Additionally, you get a link to your site either on the about author page or in the content itself. Be sure to check with the site’s owners first.

Guest blogging is also a great way to develop relationships within your community with other figures in the space. 

  1. Create and Use Infographics

Infographics are a great and effective way to boost your backlinks and traffic to your website. Despite being time and labor-intensive, infographics have been shown to increase traffic and are a great way to earn you quality backlinks without asking. 

Not only do they condense content for easy digestion for your audience, but they make it easy for other websites to link to it. If you’re struggling with an infographic, study your competitor’s websites and go from there.

Ensure that the infographic provides relevant information, is well-designed, and, most importantly, is related to your audience for shareability. You can use infographics to display statistics, data, and research.

Link Building

  1. Make Use of Broken Links

According to Ahrefs, 66.5% of the websites they sampled had rotted links. Many websites on the internet continue to link to websites that no longer exist or have deleted the pages. It provides a golden opportunity for website owners who are busy or looking for a ‘simpler’ way to link building. 

Begin by looking for pages on different websites that show a 404 error and reach out to the webmaster /owner.  Suggest replacing the rotting link with a link of your own. You can do this through email, letting them know of the error and offering a piece of your content related to what was on the site. 

Most website owners will happily exchange the links; you get a link back to your site with little effort. Always ensure that the content you’re offering is relevant to the website. Broken links can be valuable for you when done right. 

  1. Look for Your Website Mentions Without Links

When someone mentions your website, you likely expect them to link to you. However, in some cases, most mentions go unlinked. In such a case, you can consider reaching out to the business owner and asking them to link to your site.

With the site owner already aware of your site, convincing them to change the mention to a linkable should be relatively easy.

Link Building

  1. Work With Journalists

One recommended way to get a high-quality backlink is by working with journalists/bloggers. A resource such as HARO (hire a reporter) makes that possible. 

HARO sends out targeted emails showing you queries from journalists. Before answering a specific query, ensure you’re qualified to respond; the question is relevant to your industry and can add unique value. 

If your answer is chosen, you will likely get a backlink to your site. 

Bottom Line

Link building shouldn’t be an overly complex task. While some link-building tactics work better for other websites, others don’t.  You can find what works for you through trial and error and hopefully go HAM on it. The best doesn’t necessarily mean size fits all tactic. 

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