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Mahatma Gandhi famous quotes and slogans

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MK Gandhi, who was later renamed Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, is reverently referred to as the father of India. He was a fitting leader to the struggle for freedom throughout India, Gandhi played a vital role in securing freedom to India from brutal British rule.

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A fervent advocate for Satya (Truth) along with Ahimsa (non-violence), Gandhi proved that love can be a powerful tool and also nonviolence when fighting against oppression and injustice. Mahatma is the name given to this great person who commanded the masses with his courage, optimism and his principles. the practice of.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar and was also called Sudamapuri within Gujarat on the 2nd of October 1869. His birthday is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti each year on the 2nd of October. When we are celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, here are some inspiring quotes from the great leader who is revered not just by Indians but also by the world all over the world.

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Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote

  • “If we could alter our behavior, the prevailing attitudes in the world would change too. If a person alters his own character as well, the way in which the people of the world toward him. It is not necessary to wait around to see what other people do.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes about humanity

  • “A man is the product of his thinking. The way he thinks, will become.”
  • “The humaneness of mankind lies not only in being human, it is in being human.”
  • “You must never be able to lose faith in humanity. We are like oceans. even if just a few drops of an ocean’s water are filthy, then the entire ocean doesn’t become dirty.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes about the truth

  • “An error is not transformed into the truth due to the multiplied propagation of it neither does truth turn into an error simply because no one sees it.Truth remains, even when there is no public support. It’s self-sustaining.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s self-respect quotes

  • “I will not allow anyone to wander through my thoughts with their feet that are dirty.”
  • “In a gentle manner it is possible to shake up the entire world.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes about human mind and positive thinking.

  • “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Study as if you were to live for the rest of your life.”
  • “Happiness is when you thinkabout, the words you use and the actions you take are in sync.”
  • “We might not be strong enough to be completely nonviolent in thoughts, words and actions. However, we should remain committed to nonviolence and work hard toward it.”
  • “Change yourself. You are in the control.”
  • “The weak cannot give up. Forgiveness is the characteristic for the stronger.”
  • “If I were not a person with a spirit of humor I’d be dead by now.”
  • “It is not wise to believe too much in one’s own judgment. It is beneficial to know that even the strongest may weaken, and the wisest may make a mistake.”
  • “Your beliefs transform into your thoughts.”
    Your thoughts are your words,
    Your words are what you do,
    Your actions form your habits
    Your choices are your values,
    Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi on importance of working hard

  • “Nearly all you are doing is not of any significance, but it’s crucial to do it.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes about freedom, religion , and service

  • “Freedom is not worth the cost without the ability of making mistakes.”
  • “The best method to discover yourself is to become lost serving other people.”

Mahatma Gandhi on women’s empowerment

  • “To claim that women are weaker than men is a libel. gender is a defamation; it’s man’s indignation to women. If the word “strong” is used to mean moral strength, then woman is in a way superior to man”

Mahatma Gandhi on power, love, truth and non-violence

  • “It is more beneficial to be violent where there is violence within our hearts rather than put on the cover of nonviolence in order to hide our impotence.”
  • “Love is the most powerful force in the world.”
  • “All the religions around the world, even though their beliefs may diverge in some aspects, proclaim the same truth: no one exists in this world except Truth.”
  • “Non-violence is the most powerful power available to humanity. It is stronger than the most potent weapon of destruction invented by man’s ingenuity.”
  • “Power is available in two types. One is gained through fear of punishment and the second is derived from actions of love. Love-based power is 1,000 times more powerful and lasting than the power obtained by fear.”
  • “I oppose violence since when it appears to be doing well, the effect is only temporary, the negative effect it creates is eternal.”
  • “An one eye to another is not enough to make the world blind.”
  • “When I am in despair I remind myself that through all time, the truth and love has always triumphed. It has been the case that there have been dictators as well as murderers. And for some time, they may appear to be invincible, but at the end of the day they fail. Imagine it as if they were always.”
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