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Meditech vs Amazing Charts Software – Features List and Reviews

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Meditech assists healthcare institutions in managing their daily activities to deliver improved patient care and customer service. It is used by health organizations of all kinds to perform duties including scheduling, revenue management, charting, and more.

Amazing Charts EMR offers on-premises or in-the-cloud EHR for single practitioners and small practices. Some of its capabilities include office flow, charting, e-prescribing, and a patient portal. The program attempts to increase practice efficiency generally and, ultimately, results in operating cost savings.

The following is a brief comparison of Meditech vs Amazing Charts based on their features, pricing, and reviews.

Meditech EHR

Key Features

Revenue Cycle Management

Expanse Revenue Cycle by Meditech was developed with front-to-back integration in mind, providing you with a more comprehensive patient story with each claim. It ensures that the clinical, insurance, and demographic information required for prompt billing and collections are effectively collected before and/or at the time of care, regardless of whether patients visit the office or are present at the ED (emergency department). Do not reject claims. Verify insurance, get authorization notifications, and perform medical necessity checks when you first contact a patient.

Home Care Support

You can utilize MEDITECH’s integrated Home Care solution to assist patients at every stage of their treatment. Using home health, telehealth, and hospice capabilities to provide patients with a tailored experience from the comfort of home, you’ll be able to keep patients safe and well-cared for outside of typical acute facilities.

Aides and field staff may access their schedules and check patient data while on the go with the help of Meditech’s mobile home care solution. Any smart device with a normal web browser may access the user-friendly solution. The solution’s structured replies, integrity checks, and streamlined documentation tasks enable assistants to produce more accurate plan-of-care documentation.

Critical Care Tools

Meditech also provides Critical Care tools which make it easier for nurses to access data. You can view as well as document patient data from a single screen rather than having to switch from one to another. The critical care functionality can be used to record and directly annotate heart waveforms. Management of IVs and titration without leaving the flowsheet and going to the MAR (medical administration record). View and track patient data, including test results, reports, and doctor notes.

Meditech EHR Pricing

The Meditech EMR pricing is customized for each user or firm depending on the type of practice they are running and the size of their team. Additionally, you can share details about your product requirements for an accurate and suitable quote.

Meditech EMR Demo

The Meditech demo is also available on the website for users who want to learn about the specs and how they are compatible with the practice requirements.

Meditech EMR Reviews

A general overview of the Meditech EHR reviews shows that it is software with a straightforward interface and it is also easy to navigate. The learning curve of the Meditech practice management software is also easy.

Amazing Charts

Key Features

Revenue Cycle Management

Amazing Charts medical billing Service is a fully integrated RCM (revenue cycle management) solution that takes care of the headache of billing for you at a less expensive price than most third-party billers. Your clinic could see an increase in collections, a more significant percentage of first-time claim payments, and a shorter wait time for payments from insurers and patients. Clean claims are sent out for the first time because of advanced claim scrubbing. Payer accomplishments are frequently reviewed to determine areas that need improvement.

Practice Management Tool

With Amazing Charts’ ‘CareTracker’ Practice Management, you can electronically verify eligibility and claim status, rapidly spot delinquent claims, and uncover coding discrepancies before claims submission. The Dashboard Front Office Command Center also functions as a kind of virtual office assistant, keeping an eye on things and alerting you via our intelligent alerts only when patient data calls for your attention. This gives you more time to focus on your patients.

You can make sure unpaid claims are handled quickly, and problems are fixed before they become big ones by having the ability to view unpaid claims conveniently. Interactive role-based dashboards are provided by intelligent technology, and they automatically prioritize task lists for all parts of your company.

Electronic Health Records

For the management of EHR, Amazing Charts integrates features like charting. Chart summaries, lab findings, referral summaries, and summaries of prior interactions are all easily accessible with a single click. This feature ensures that the information in documents is not repeated.

Our straightforward reporting tool allows you to create your own complicated queries using a simple, step-by-step method and offers popular preset questions. There are also functions for e-prescribing, scheduling, messaging, and a patient portal for practice management.

Amazing Charts Pricing

The Amazing Charts EHR pricing has two subscription options. The electronic health record plan costs $199 per month for every clinician. On the other hand, the cost of the practice management plan is $299 for every clinician per month.

Amazing Charts Demo

If you want to learn about the software’s capabilities, you can learn more about it through the Amazing Charts demo.

Amazing Charts Reviews

According to the Amazing Charts EHR reviews, it is capable of presenting complex data in a simple view which makes information easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

Meditech and Amazing Charts software are equipped with the most basic tools like workflows, reports, appointment scheduling, patient portal, etc. Moreover, each can support medical firms of small or medium sizes due to their customizable plans. The Meditech EHR leans on the pricier side and is better for large-scale medical firms. The Amazing Charts can be used by all types of medical firms but it is more suitable for startups. Meditech is also able to support a wider range of specialties which can make it easier for physicians engaged in specific fields to manage the health of their patients.

That said, interested users should compare the features to clarify the functions and  whether they’re compatible with the practice.

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