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Monthly deposit scheme in Bangladesh

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Deposit is one of the most used terms in the banking world. There are different types of deposit schemes offered by banks and non-bank financial institutions in Bangladesh. Some of them are monthly deposit schemes, annual deposit schemes, and more.

So are you looking for a monthly deposit scheme in Bangladesh? Then this article is for you. Before knowing about the monthly deposit scheme, go through this section to make sure you have a clear understanding of what exactly is a deposit scheme.

What is a deposit scheme?

As mentioned earlier, to make a deposit, you have to pick a plan called a scheme. And there are both monthly and yearly deposit plans. You can choose the plan the way it is suitable for you.

This is how monthly deposit plans are included in any financial assistance. Let’s know more about the monthly deposit in the next section.

What is a monthly deposit scheme?

You already got some idea about the monthly deposit plan. And this plan could be from 1 to 6 months. That means you might have to make a payment to your financial institution after one month or after 6 months or so.

There’re many examples that you might be able to relate to. For example, you took a loan from a bank. Next, your aim is to pay the money within a certain time.

In addition, you don’t just make payments of any amount of money. Instead, you are supposed to pay a specific amount of money within the given time.

So, it simply means–you deposit a specific amount of money to your financial service in a time that you’ve chosen.

What are the benefits of a deposit scheme?

Whether it’s a banking service or some other type of non-bank financial service such as a real estate financing organization, all of them help you by lending money or saving money.

Alongside that, they try to make money by submitting time convenient for you. Surely, they consider their part too. But the deposit schemes are mainly created so you can arrange the money and pay it on a due time.

All these mean any good financial institution will encourage you to keep and give money. In fact, that’s how the money transaction process is with a financial institution.

What are monthly deposit schemes in Bangladesh?

Like many other countries, in Bangladesh, we seek financial help from both bank and non-bank institutions. As the organizations are different, they’ve their own rule established.

Moreover, what service you are taking is important because fixed deposits and loan deposit schemes won’t be the same.

Furthermore, depending on your chosen institution, the deposit scheme will differ. Check the information below to get a general idea of the monthly deposit schemes of different financial services of banks and nonbanks.

Government bank monthly scheme

You can expect a monthly deposit of only BDT 500, but that will depend on the service you’re taking. Check the following examples to get an idea of monthly deposit schemes of various financial services from different banks.

  • Krishi Bank saving account: 1000/-
  • Agrani Bank Lakhpoti: 2700/-
  • Janata Bank Pension: 3000/-
  • Sonali bank Child education: 500/-

Private bank monthly scheme

If you consider the lowest payment for a monthly scheme of private banks, it’s the same as government banks: 500/-

Check the list below to get more examples.

  • AB Bank Savings: 500/-
  • City Bank Manarah Savings: 500/-
  • BRAC Bank TARA Flexi DPS: 2000/-
  • Dutch-Bangla Bank Children’s Education: 500/-
  • One Bank Quick Millionaire: 37041/-

Non-bank month scheme

As you can take help from a non-bank financial institute, you will have to deposit money the same way you would in a bank.

Here are a couple of examples of non-bank monthly deposit schemes.

  • Bangladesh Industrial Finance Company Limited: 925/-
  • Hajj Finance Mudaraba: 500/-
  • LankaBangla SWASTI: 500/-
  • IPDC Double Money: 50000/-
  • DBH Finance: 50000/-

To summarise

Deposit schemes are a great help when it comes to paying or keeping money in a bank and non-bank services.

Remember that you can make deposits for various reasons, necessarily just putting money in a saving account or for a loan. In addition, different kinds of deposit schemes mean different payments.

If you want to know about the monthly deposit scheme of a particular service, you better talk to them directly or check their website to know about the schemes and decide one for you.

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