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Boost Your On-demand Business With New Services Of Gojek Clone in 2022

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Gojek is a famous name in an On-demand Industry. Owing to the success of the Super App, business owners who wished to invest in an On-demand Industry has this wonderful profit-making opportunity to make millions in a short time with Gojek Clone.

However, this only make sense Businesses are adapting to the changing client demands and intending to act wisely to increase profitability and market viability.

To keep up with the clients’ dynamism, the super app business model offers enormous flexibility and sustainability and not to forget introducing a new service – On-Demand Medical Services.

The Need For Adding “On-Demand Medical Services” 

You would usually ask a member of your family or a close friend to take you to a clinic unless you have a personal family doctor who can pay you a visit.

Before the advent of on-demand medical services in recent years, this was the most likely situation that may occur. Although it would always be possible to consult a doctor at their clinic, things have begun to gradually alter. Due to the expansion of technology-based healthcare. With just a few taps on their smartphone, anyone may now instantly consult a doctor who is nearby. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, these apps are seeing a rise in usage (patients).

What Does On-demand Medical Services Offer To Your Users?

Introducing “On-Demand Medical Services,” a cutting-edge medical tool that allows your users to look up local pharmacies, doctors with any speciality, blood banks, and ambulance services. Your users have access to appointment scheduling, online video consultation planning, medication ordering, and doorstep deliveries.

The services offer facilities to:

  • Book appointment with their preferred doctors, general physicians, physiologists, physiotherapist and more. All they have to do is login and access the kind of Medical practitioner they are looking for and schedule the appointment. The app allows them to make the payment via in-app payment modes.
  • Video consultation is also available with this service. Users who are unable to travel to the clinic/hospital or have other issues can schedule their video consultation session. Once the booking is done, the doctor sends the confirmation. However, the video consultation payment is received through credit card only. Once the session ends, the payment automatically gets deducted. 
  • It also offers on-demand services like On-demand Pharmacies, Ambulance, Vet and Blood Bank. Booking the same is quick and convenient. Through seamless navigation, the app screens ensures that you have quick checkout with the secured payment modes.

Outsourcing To A Reputed Healthcare Development Company

The construction of an gojek clone app that precisely meets your vision and expectations will be made possible by working with a reputable on-demand healthcare app development firm. A specialist in this field would have the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to produce an app that your consumers will like. 

They are aware of the underlying technical expertise and appropriate technological stack. In a short period of time, providing integrated on-demand medical services within a Gojek-like app will give your company the boost it needs.

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