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Not installing spy software in your child’s device could endanger their security

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Most of the kids, nowadays, have access to smartphones as Covid-19 has changed the patterns of learning. Today, we see children attending online lectures and classes that has invariably increased their internet usage. The parents who were conscious about giving online freedom to their children have been seen getting worried as such kind of freedom makes them anxious due to their child accessing harmful sources online. But, there is a fine remedy for it.

Given that smartphones provide a complete access to internet and other social media platforms, the risk of children getting occupied with inappropriate content can be reduced by installing tracking software in their phones, that works like a Facebook or WhatsApp spy app. In this way, parents will make sure whatever their child is doing online or offline is completely in the domain they are in charge of and they can be protected from using the stuff that can endanger their security.

What can be the potential dangers your child can experience online?

As a parent, you are always worried what your child is viewing and with whom he is interacting. For instance, your child has an online work submission or an extra-curricular activity that demands to be performed online and, in that case, you cannot deny giving him access to them. By doing so, you will feel you have placed yourself in trouble as protecting your children from several online threats and the type of company they will experience will continuously haunt you. To fight off your insecurities, you should know the numerous online dangers so that you know what type of spy software you need to install in your child’s phone. You can easily save your children from falling into the dangerous zones online by taking help from spy software. This ranges beyond merely Facebook or WhatsApp spy app and tracks all activities in turn protecting the child.

Listed below are some of the potential dangers that your child can experience while using a smartphone or computer.

Contact with strangers might result in:

Cyberbullying: in which someone sends photos, videos, negative content or data about your child or other harmful content that can affect his personality. Online bullying can be dangerous for your kids and effect in their real life.

Disclosure of private data: Malicious actors who might interact with your child can befool them and extract their personal information. They can then misuse this information against your child.

Phishing attack: The attacker acting as a trusted entity, can malign your child’s identity and steal his data by gaining an access to his emails, instant messages or text messages.

Gaining online access might result in using inappropriate content, such as:

Sexually objectionable content– mainly pornography.

Photos/Videos/ Movies showing violence– acts of rape or other assaults.

Obscene language or content- like abusive behavior patterns or use of smoking, drugs, alcohol.

Other computer-related security issues, including:

Unwanted pop-ups and advertisements: They might appear during an online search or when certain programs are downloaded.

Malware intrusions: They can be harmful for your child’s security as it can give people access to his computer while sharing data, web links or other attachments.

Website-induced virus: A malicious program can be downloaded on your child’s computer without his permission if he simply visits a website.

The online dangers mentioned above can convince you that you need to install a spy software on your child’s phone before you give the malicious persons a chance to spoil your child’s security.

The spy software can help you ensure your child’s online security

Much of the trouble that parents face due to enhanced online freedom of their child have seemed to be resolved through spy software. They are now easily accessible and can be installed on a child’s phone so that the parents are never late to deal with the harmful threats that their child might experience. Unsurprisingly, spy software comes with lots of features according to the requirements of the users. Parents can easily choose the kind of software they need to be installed in their child’s phone depending upon their security requirements.

Some of the features that can solve the primary concerns of the parents are as follows:

GPS-tracking services: Many spywares track the GPS location of your child so that you can locate them if they face any emergency.

Blocking harmful websites: Spywares can let you block the inappropriate content that your child might view accidently.

Controlling online attacks of stalkers and malicious users: The tracking services allow parents to detect if their child’s data or personal information has been misused by any person. Parents can use the software to wipe the data from their child’s phone or lock it temporarily. This service can also prevent cyber-bullying.

Spy software can significantly reduce the harmful risks that your child can succumb to online and help you to reduce it. One thing that parents need to make sure before installing spy software is to tell their child why are they installing the software and allow them to build his trust in them.

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