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Qatar World Cup 2022: Everything You Need to Know

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This year’s world cup competition is currently underway in Qatar until the 18th of December.  Although it’s one of the most controversial sporting events ever to take place, theres no doubt that the fans, viewers, organizers, and hosts have put everything to ensure the competition is a success.

As we speak, the number of viewers is approximately 230 million daily, while those of fans expected to be in Qatar for the competition have skyrocketed to 1.5 million. If you’re planning to join the fun, you should read on to understand what to expect.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Where Is Qatar, And What’s It Like?

Qatar is a tiny monarchy just on the Persian Gulf with 2.7 million inhabitants, 300,000 of whom are Qatari residents, and the rest are ex-pats. It ties its sole border alongside Saudi Arabia. The country is roughly ten times the area of New York, and all of the games will take place in a tiny circle of eight venues in Doha, the capital.

What Do I Need To Be In Qatar For The World Cup?

Football supporters will require a Hayya Card and a fan ID to enter the nation. From November 1 to December 23, these ids will be required for entrance. You will need one even if you intend to avoid watching any matches.

Match ticket buyers can apply online and invite three extra guests who do not have tickets. After you secure your Hayya Card, you can enter Qatar many times during the Tournament and stay in the country until January 23, 2023.

What’s even better about the Hayya card is that it provides world cup fans free transport access on match days. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can just hop onto various transport facilitators and enjoy your ride to a world cup match.

That said, people make money through betting for fun on world cup teams. Whether you’re supporting Brazil, Argentina, France, or Spain, you can check out https://parimatch.co.tz/sw/ to bet on live matches and make some extra cash.

Should I Get A Covid Test To Enter Qatar?

If you come after November 1st, you can skip a post-PCR or quick Antigen test. In addition, unlike in the past, you are not required to post on the government’s Ehteraz health app before arriving.

Visitors to the World Cup will also not require a COVID-19 immunization certificate. This doesn’t expose anyone to covid risk as the prospect of the disease has died out in recent months. Besides, if the situation needed urgent attention or if people were still dying of Covid, I’m sure it would have been mandatory.

However, it is advisable to purchase travel insurance that includes your trip as well as any scheduled activities. Qatar has excellent emergency medical services with modern equipment; however, private care can be costly.

How Do I Book Accommodation For The Qatar World Cup?

The lodging booking procedure differs from prior World Cup editions. Visitors are directed to the tournament’s official booking government website for accommodations, villas, apartments, and fan villages, regardless of whether they are attending a match.

If you want to stay in the nation for more than a day, you must verify your booking when applying for the Hayya Card. Even if you’re going to stay with friends or family during the tournament, you must register your lodging on the Hayya website.

While that’s the case, Qatar is home to thousands of beautiful hotels that provides security, comfort, and elegance. Besides, their prices range depending on your budget and style. With a little bit of research, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect spot for you.

Is Alcohol Allowed In Qatar?

Qatar laws differ massively from those in various countries, mainly concerning liquor, vapes, or cigarettes.

Liquor cannot be bought in Qatari businesses, and carrying alcohol into the nation is prohibited. The authorized drinking age in the United States is 21- years old.

FIFA stated immediately before the tournament began that alcohol would not be served in the Tournament stadiums. Bud Zero, a non-alcoholic beer, will be sold inside the stadia.

Only licensed hotels, restaurants, and bars will sell alcohol in the fan section, FIFA Fan Festival, and other fan attractions.

Supporters have been cautioned to watch out for the state’s nicotine consumption prohibitions, as it is illegal to use or import cigarettes inside the nation. Using vapes has been banned in Qatar since 2014. If you violate this restriction, you might face a fine of €2,694 or prison time.

In Qatar, gayism is outlawed, and public closeness, irrespective of gender or orientation, might be deemed insulting. Based on the host of the tournament, “everybody is accepted to feel comfortable,” and there won’t be restrictions on acquaintances or unmarried folks sleeping in a similar hotel suite.

What Makes The Qatar World Cup The Most Controversial Sports Tournament?

Since Qatar was granted the 2022 World Cup twelve years ago (when they were number 113 in the world and had never progressed for the event on their own), the tournament has been marred by more scandal than the spin England squad could generate on an evening out in Manchester.

Former president Blatter and German football federation chief Theo Zwanziger have gone so far as to say awarding the World Cup to Qatar was a “mistake,” with graft allegations — including corruption of the bid committee — trying to cast a long, shadowy figure over both FIFA’s reputation and the competitions itself.

As if that’s not all, there has been an infringement of human rights which has sparked a lot of debate with no conclusive result. The one that has caught many people’s eye is the prohibition of the pride flag or, rather, the LGBTQ community. Their culture prohibits such practices and has placed measures to deal with the matter, a decision which has yet to be received well by the world.

While there might be much to say why Qatar shouldn’t be the hosts, they have splashed a lot of cash to ensure the competition is a success. They have broken the record by spending the most money to organize a world cup.  This has set the bar high as the football community expects the next hosts to follow suit.


Even though the Qatar world cup has been the most conversion football competition ever, there’s a lot on the side to watch out for and be grateful for. You have to separate footballing issues from social and political problems to understand the relevance of this competition. Adhere to this post; you’ll find your life in Qatar quite enjoyable and exciting.

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