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Reasons People Are Mean and How to Deal With Them

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Dealing with unpleasant conduct and experiencing disrespect from others is something that we all face on a regular basis. It’s much worse when we do not even constantly feel emotionally secure in a romantic connection.

We may allow emotions get the best our heads and start doubting ourselves, their social talents, & even our identity.

That is why it is critical to recognize the various reasons why individuals are the manner they are & not allow their conduct to impact and undermine our consciousness.

  • They are unable to communicate effectively.

Some people struggle with expressing their needs, thoughts, and worries in a polite and calm way. They may panic easily, become defensive too fast, and believe that even if they talk quietly and politely, they would be disregarded and therefore not treated seriously, thus they instantly turn to anger, personal assaults, threats, or obscenities.

Perhaps being pushy and nasty succeeded in their favor in the before, and they learnt to have their demands satisfied that way.

The best way to deal with rude people is If you come across people such as this in their social life, inform them clearly that you’ll not participate in a discussion that contains disrespect & that you’ll not attend to them until they speak politely and peacefully.

  • They believe it increases their power.

Being violent to an individual is a strategy for some individuals to gain as well as demonstrate social authority and power. People most likely learnt this as a comforting technique from their surroundings and associate aggression with strength. It’s a regular occurrence in bullying at school.

It’s advisable to be forceful in such circumstances since bullies typically target those who don’t speak up for oneself.

  • They have negative feelings about you.

If you know someone has bad feelings against you, it’s simple to see where the motivation for their conduct stems from. They might well be envious of you, harbour animosity toward you, or perhaps you cause them to feel uneasy or intimidated in some manner.

Consider your connection with that individual and whether you have said anything to make them resentful or envious. That doesn’t imply you must feel responsible for their feelings, but it may provide a reason for their actions.

  • They seemed to have a difficult upbringing.

Many parents have failed to bring up children who are capable of respecting others and engaging in polite discourse. As a consequence, kids grow up lacking adequate social skills & frequently act impolitely as a consequence of their environment or lack thereto.

  • They are uncomfortable and use others to feel better about themselves.

It’s not simply a tired excuse you’ve hearing a million different ways before; it’s also accurate in many circumstances. People who get their comfort by putting people down were insecure & continually need to persuade themselves & others that they are superior than you, which they typically accomplish by being rude and insulting, making harsh and caustic remarks, trying to make fun of you, & so forth.

Because these individuals have low self-esteem to begin off, they are easily frightened and will likely leave you behind if you just speak up for self.

  • They’ve had a terrible day.

A poor day is really no justification for treating others with contempt, yet we can each recall a time when we were cruel to an individual for zero reason apart from having a terrible day or simply being in terrible mood. If people are fatigued or worried, they have such a reduced ability to manage their conduct, get easily angered, and occasionally strike out over innocent individuals.

If someone near to you frequently behaves in this manner and you realize it’s because they’re stressed out for various reasons, try talking to them regarding their issue and reminding them how their conduct is painful to you.

  • They’re Snobs.

Snobs individuals who feel that because of their financial or social standing, they have the ability to be condescending and disrespectful to others they consider inadequate. They might be extremely subtle in telling you that they are superior to you, yet they can also be one of more nasty ones for your identity, particularly when you’re constantly around by them.

So greatest part you could do is stop being with it, because if you can’t, refrain from taking them seriously & avoid conversing with people if at all possible.

  • They are unconcerned about others’ feelings.

These people are uninterested in seeming kind to people & are unlikely to serve others properly. They are usually uninterested in making friends or even being considered acceptable and loved, thus they have little incentive to be pleasant and courteous to others.

  • They possess poor emotional control skills and are often frustrated.

People who have a poor irritation tolerance get quickly agitated and anxious about everything, even the people surrounding them. They may even regret one‘s rude behaviour later, however when their infuriates flare, people find it challenging to regulate themselves.

One will feel lot better if they realize that their animosity and meanness stem from a lack of consciousness & self-soothing abilities, and you do not consider them too seriously. It can be one of the best ways to treat characteristics of a mean person.

  • They differ with you on political or ideological grounds.

You may not realise it, but individuals may readily pick up upon your ideological & political opinions just by being near you, hearing to your talks, or even monitoring your activity on social media. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t share your opinions in order to prevent being treated poorly or accidentally offending someone & being mistreated as a result, but bear in mind that disrespectful conduct can occur just for this purpose.


In this blog, we have gone through the reasons that why is someone mean to me for no reason and why are people mean to nice people. Try the steps given in this blog to treat mean people in a particular way.

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