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Reasons to Be Addicted to Laravel Framework

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The perfect mixture of a native app and a browser website is a web application. It executes on a browser without downloading from the app store and contains all the features of a mobile app. 

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, web apps are one of the hottest trends. Delivering superior user experiences through eCommerce web apps can lead to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Realising the importance of online presence, business owners are looking for effective ways to build web apps to address their objectives.

And this is when the PHP-based Laravel framework plays its role.  

Web developers leverage the features and functionalities offered by Laravel to deliver comprehensive Laravel apps.

Laravel Usage Statistics

Laravel Usage Statistics












In this blog, you can explore what makes Laravel one of the most preferable choices for web developers. So let’s get going.

Factors that make Laravel the most desirable Framework

Laravel Framework

|1. Improved Security

One of the key reasons to opt for Laravel is the high security it provides. Even though there is not a single framework that assures complete security from fraudulent activities, the security also relies on the coding structure and how it gets written.

However, Laravel has many parameters that assure optimum security. It has a unique tool like CSRF tokens to deal with project security by checking each request.

|2. Hassle-free Programming

Developers can learn Laravel from scratch through different tutorials provided by Laracasts. Also, the tutorials are pretty significant for developers to solve challenging coding issues of Laravel.

The comprehensive content accessible on this platform is provided by experts to make the Laravel framework as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

|3. Intuitive Template Engine

One of the crucial aspects of app development using Laravel is its Blade templating engine. It is pretty intelligent and performs flawlessly with typical PHP/HTML.

Development of intuitive layouts is relatively easy with the light Laravel templates.

Developers can use multiple JS and CSS widgets to generate good appeal and mitigate website loading time. It improves the website rankings in Search Engine Result Pages. 

|4. Supports MVC Architecture

Most PHP frameworks fall behind when it comes to supporting MVC architecture. But Laravel, on the other hand, supports MVC architecture for better performance, improved documentation, and provides multiple features.

The MVC architecture support is one of the significant aspects of why Laravel is a widely adopted PHP-based framework.

|5. Built-in Project Environment    

Laravel framework offers developers an integrated Laravel project environment that makes the project management process effortless.

Developers can perform lengthy and complicated programming tasks smoothly by providing a structured coding approach.

|6. Easy to Get Started

Laravel is easy to get started with, and it is one of the significant reasons why Laravel is the most preferred choice for developers.

Even if a developer is not aware of the fundamentals of the PHP language, he can effortlessly build a basic website quite rapidly.

|7. Open-source Platform

Laravel framework is an open-source platform. So developers do not have to pay anything to use it.

It enables an easy process to develop complicated and large-sized web apps along with code maintainability.

|8. Modular Applications

Laravel framework is built on 20 different libraries. It is also itself divided into several separate modules.

It has adopted the modern PHP principles, so developers create robust, responsive, scalable, and user-friendly web apps, adequately.

|9. Huge Community

It might happen that developers get stuck with any issues while writing Laravel code.

So to help them, Laravel has a huge and supportive community. There is always someone who has faced a similar issue earlier, and they are ready to provide guidance.

|10. Emerging Platform 

There are many experienced PHP development companies that have adopted the Laravel framework as it offers dynamic capabilities to manage large-sized and complicated web projects.

The dynamic competencies it offers make it highly responsive and consistently featured in the Google trends.

In a Nutshell

With the release of each updated version, Laravel is equipped with cutting-edge features which assure improved scalability, functionality, security, and performance. 

So if you are planning to build a web app, it is highly recommended that you hire dedicated Laravel developers from one of the leading software development companies like Silicon IT Hub. Not only for this but if you need any consultation services regarding Laravel, feel free to contact us any time.

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