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Showering Feels like a Chore? Improve Your Experience with These Tips

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Sometimes, life can get super hectic. It can be very hard to simultaneously manage work, life, interests, self-care, and relationships. Being overworked all the time can bring an individual to exhaustion, where daily chores may look unachievable. 

It makes sense if you are unable to find time for yourself. On some days, you might struggle to find the energy for showers. Although it might feel like a burden, showering can help you reduce stress, sleep faster and feel better.

If you struggle with finding the energy to shower daily, here are a few tips to enhance your experience.  

Get Good Water Heaters

Most people despise showers; the main problem is the unsuitable water temperature. It is understandable if you need the water temperature according to your needs. If you are facing problems with finding the right balance of water temperature, it is time to take action to fix this.

It is recommended that you reach out to a professional residential plumber to discuss the installation of a new water heater. A professional plumber can help you choose the best water heater among several available options and install it for you. 

Buy a Bluetooth Speaker

You may feel that showers are boring because they are so quiet. Maybe, the noise of water dripping over your head makes you feel uncomfortable. You do not have to worry. There is a solution to this problem as well. 

You can buy portable and waterproof speakers to enhance your shower experience. It is recommended that you create a dedicated shower playlist so that you can sing along while showering. You may also move around a little to the beat of the music, but please keep the wet floor in mind to avoid slipping. 

Add Bubbles to Your Experience

Shower without lather and bubbles can be boring. It is recommended that you buy products that smell good and look fun. You can buy loofahs to make your showering experience fun. In addition, loofahs can also help in removing dead skin cells from your skin

If you want to switch to bathing rather than showering, you can buy bath bombs to enhance your experience. Bath bombs can make bathing fun for people from every age group.

Meditate and Focus on your Breathing

Showers are a process of cleansing your body. Although it may seem like physical activity, many people associate it with spirituality worldwide. They love meditating in the shower. It is also called waterfall meditation.

Waterfall meditation can reduce stress, tension, and anxiety in your body. You can dedicate a few minutes of your everyday showers to closing your eyes and simply focusing on your breathing. This practice can also make significant changes in your behaviour. 

Buy a Hooded Towel

Showers are not solely about getting dirt off your body. It is an experience that needs to be enjoyed. Even after your shower, it is important that you feel cozy and lightweight. 

To ensure that this feeling stays with you for longer, you can buy a hooded towel to cover yourself. The soft fibres of hooded towels can make your stay cozy for longer periods, and sits hoodie can help you partially dry your hair.  

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