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In every economy, small businesses play a kingpin role in building a base for achieving larger goals in future. They are often the backbone of various brands and luxurious businesses. For someone who wants to get their foot into business, starting from a smaller scale might result in yielding high profits in no time. However, it is often hard for beginners to find the right way to start a business. Keeping this in mind, there are many small business ideas in India that might actually require comparatively lower investments and prove to be profitable in long run. Some of these are listed below:

21 Best Small Business Ideas In India

1. Tote Bags

Tote Bags are in growing demand and are widely popular among the youth these days. You can create a spectrum of different designs and mix and match them with various colours. To make your business noticeable and different from other tote bag brands, you can also introduce customization sooner or later. This might help the customer get their favourite designs with little effort. Put together all the equipment and supplies needed and research what kinds of particular totes are in trend at the moment.

2. Bakery

What in the world is better than feeding into people’s sweet tooth? There is a wide range of businesses included under this category. From opening a cute café bakery on the sidewalk to delivering handmade dessert hampers, you can take your pick. There is no better way of telling someone you love them than gifting them handmade cookies or cupcakes. If baking is your forte, you can keep experimenting with cakes and pies and shower the world with your talent.

3. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores have been very prevalent in the West. However, people in India have also started to open up to the idea of thrift stores now. Thrifting was considered an option for people who could not afford new clothing and other materialistic things but has now become an option for everyone out there. The number of thrift stores in India has increased by a considerable amount in the past few years but they are still limited. There are a number of thrift stores on apps like Instagram that sell old, discarded or unused items for minimal price. This is also considered a step towards saving the environment.

4. Journals/Stationery

Stationery is a widely used option throughout the world. There are some things that you know are not likely to extinct from business anytime soon. Stationery is something that is used by people of every age group. Artistic journals have also been a selling point in past few years. The variety of art and writing supplies is endless and a good option for starting a business around.

5. Crochet Stores

Crochet products are the current hot topic in the fashion industry. There are various items like hats, tops or scarves made of crochet that are sold at much higher rates in various brands. If you have skills for crochet knitting or know someone who does, this business would be even easier for you. You can also introduce your own crochet line and hire people to model it.

6. Tiffin Services

Almost every household has working couples nowadays. With such a busy schedule, it becomes difficult to manage all the household duties for both people including making dinner after coming back from work. Tiffin services might help various people including college students, working couples and older citizens who would prefer a homemade meal over ordering pizzas and fries.

7. Tutions

Teaching children takes patience and time. However, it is a very profitable business. If you have specialized in a particular subject, you can even teach students on a higher level. Tutoring requires skills like good leadership qualities, patience and intellect and might prove to be the beginning of an era for you if you succeed.

8. Jewelry

Accessories are as important as any other part of your outfit! There are a number of stores that offer different sorts of jewellery. Artificial jewellery has a huge range of variety involved. From trendy earrings to signature pendants, there is a lot to explore in this line. You could pick a wide range including anklets, rings, bracelets and so much more. There are so many themes of jewellery to choose from that they are not likely to exhaust anytime soon!

9. Dog Daycare

Turns out you can be a saviour for numerous people in this country. In India, we are all in desperate need of good daycares for our dogs. Many families avoid taking vacations because they cannot find safe and hygienic daycares to leave their dogs in. If you are a dog person, you would understand how leaving your dog in someone else’s care is almost similar to leaving your child there with them. A good dog daycare where they feel protected and be themselves could be very helpful to our society.

10. Painting Portraits

If you are an artistic person and love to express through your art, you can make a business out of selling it too. Many sites offer to make portraits of the photographs given to many customers to gift to their loved ones or keep as a memory. You could also be someone who pours their talent out for the world to see and appreciate. You can choose various sized canvases and put in your creativity.

11. Customized T-shirts

Quality and design! This is all a customer wants. Wearing T-shirts that showcase a person’s personality through their print is something that is loved by almost everyone. You can start up an online site that allows people to send in their customizations and then make a t-shirt out of it using the supplies. Customized t-shirts let the customer be in control of what they really want and might help your business expand and grow way sooner.

12. Phone Covers and Accessories

We all take care of our mobiles way more than ourselves and I think we can all agree! Choosing the best and safest covers is not always easy. There are various models that do not even have a lot of variety for covers and accessories in the market. A small business in this field could be something different and might prove to be a good success.

13. Makeup Artist

This is something that helps you achieve any temporary look you are going after However, not everyone is qualified for the art of makeup and that is when a makeup artist comes into the equation. Makeup artists have high demand, not just during weddings but in various functions and the fashion world.

14. Tie-Dye

This business is influenced by how creative you can get. Tie-dye offers a number of designs and the best thing about the entire business is that you can experiment with various colours and combinations on different surfaces. This is in heavy trend with youngsters and might prove to be a worthy option.

15. Photographer

A photographer clicks and processes people’s alive moments. You can also start this particular business without requiring a large number of people. If you have the skills for capturing people in their element, this business might be your calling. It could also be one of the ways to continue your passion and turn it into business.

16. Fragrance/Scented Candles

There are many people out there who love to collect scented candles. There is an exclusive range of various fragrances out there. A business in scented candles is not only highly needed but also difficult to find easily. Good stores which have reasonably priced and worthy fragranced candles are rare in India.

17. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are hair bands made of various sorts of fabrics. This business would also be requiring a very low budget investment and can be done by youngsters who are looking for a way to earn money while studying or want to do something on their own. You can open an online store, make a website and advertise your product.

18. Mocktails/Shakes Corner

Selling various sorts of juices, shakes and mocktails might sound ordinary but it is totally the opposite! You can open a juice corner and put various sorts of shakes and drinks on the menu. This might prove to be a very popular business idea as the audience is usually spread vastly if the drinks are good.

19. Bookstore & Cafe

Does anything sound more exciting than owning your own bookstore? I don’t think so. You can open a bookstore and sell books belonging to different genres. you can also mix and match the place and have a café built inside the bookstore where people can sit and read while eating! It would definitely be a dream coming true for readers in India.

20. Blogging

Blogging could also be something you can think of considering if you are fond of writing and expressing through the power of your words. You can start your own blog and then write about the subject that interests you the most. you can create content based on lifestyle, fashion, education, entertainment or travel. There are a million things to choose from.

21. Personal Trainer

If you are someone who has a passion for fitness but might not want to open a gym, you can try your hand at being a personal trainer for people who already own the required place and equipment and teach them fitness. You can choose your own clients and work on your own time.

Conclusion – Small Business Ideas in India

In conclusion, I think there are a lot of flavours to choose from when it comes to opening a business of your own. You just have to find what suits your personality the most and research well on that before diving in. Make sure to add your own sparkle to your business to set it aside from all other businesses.

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