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Studying the Super Bowl odds

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The regular NFL season is well under way, and now that it’s into January, thoughts are turning towards the Super Bowl, which will take place on February 12 at the State Farm Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona. In the NFC North, the Minnesota Vikings have been ruling the roost, as have the Buccaneers in the NFC South, and on the opposite points of the NFC compass the Philadelphia Eagles and the 49ers are the teams the rest of their divisions have been chasing.

Over in the AFC, the Buffalo Bills have reigned over the East division, and in the West, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. In the North and South respectively, the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars are the teams the others have had to try to topple.

Now the chase is on to reach the Super Bowl. Below is a look at the Super Bowl odds, who the favorites are to lift the Lombardi trophy and why this is the case.

Super Bowl odds

The Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs are in the habit of putting in a strong challenge as contenders for the Super Bowl, and this season is no different. The sportsbooks have given each team Super Bowl odds of around +380, making the two teams joint favorites. The Chiefs began the season with +900 and the Bills with +700, which, of course, the sportsbooks have heavily reviewed since.

The sportsbooks’ third favorites to enjoy Super Bowl glory on February 12 are the Philadelphia Eagles, who started out with a whopping +4000 on the moneylines but who sportsbooks are finding a more attractive prospect to lift the title at around +550. If not them, then they think the San Francisco 49ers will get the job done. They have odds of +600 on the betting lines, but originally, the sportsbooks looked kindlier upon them than on the Eagles, by offering odds of +1600 at the start of the season.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills haven’t lost many games, but the turnovers may cause concern for anyone thinking of betting on them for the Super Bowl. Josh Allen has turned the ball over a little too much than will be for the liking of some fans. However, he has enjoyed the support of a strong offensive live, and the running backs have stepped up well and relieved some of the pressure on their quarterback.

The defense has also been stern, despite all the problems with injuries that Bills’ defensive players have suffered. Although Von Miller has made the biggest difference in the defense, Gregg Rousseau, Tre’Davious White and Jordan Poirier have all put in game-changing performances, as has Shaq Lawson.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs enjoy the best record in the AFC this season, having been previously tied with the Bills 12-3 before overtaking them. They’ve already won the AFC West division after coming back in a wild game to defeat the Houston Texans 30-24.

The team, in particular Patrick Mahomes, has proven its mettle and adaptability. Many thought the departure of Tyreek Hill would leave a gaping hole in the team that the Chiefs would struggle to fill. Instead, Patrick Mahomes has stepped up to the plate with different weapons around him and demonstrated his natural ability to thrive whatever the circumstances.

In fact, losing Hill might even have been a blessing in disguise. Opposing defenses may have to prepare thoroughly for Travis Kelce, but other than that they can’t really predict which weapons will be turning to anymore. Hill’s departure has created a tactical nightmare for opposing teams.

Philadelphia Eagles

Anyone weighing up the Eagles’ potential to win the Super Bowl could see that quarterback Jalen Hurts was a major reason to feel this season the team could make it to the playoffs at least. At the start of the season, however, a lot of people felt the Eagles could do it regardless of his presence or not in the team. It turns out he really does seem the central reason to be hopeful.

Jalen Hurts has some excellent offensive players around him. However, he’s come into his own as a passer. Anyone can see the progress he’s made. The decision he’s making are smarter, which is resulting in fewer turnovers, and he’s built a strong connection with AJ Brown in less time than people expected.

The Eagles’ game is built around strong passing and dynamic running, and Hurts is a big part of this. The only defense that could really pose the Eagles major headaches could be the 49ers’, and the Eagles will be only too happy to steer clear of them.

The Super Bowl isn’t far away, and the battle is on to see which teams will step out onto the State Farm Stadium grid in February. When it’s decided and the two teams do square off against each other on Super Bowl Sunday, you can be sure of a gripping encounter.

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