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Sustainable beauty and Vintage Fashion Are Getting More Popular Than Ever

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Sustainable beauty is becoming more and more popular. That’s because consumers are more conscious and educated about the dangers and drawbacks of consumerism than ever before. Companies wants us to purchase as many skincare and makeup products as possible. However, we purchasing tons of products is not necessary. It’s not going to make us happier or more beautiful. It’s only going to make us more frustrated in the end because we’ll end up spending more money than we really want. 

At the end of the day, you only need a few products – the less is better. Better to buy a few higher quality skincare items then to buy 10 cheap cosmetic products. When it comes to good skincare, you should splurge on face serums. Make sure you know the difference between bakuchiol and retinol. One is a plant the other one is a synthetic derivative. They both have rejuvenating benefits, but bakuchiol is better for sensitive skin. 

When choosing skincare essentials, a good vitamin C serum is super important. Make sure you know if you can use vitamin c while breastfeeding or pregnant. If you’re pregnant or new mom, always consult a doctor before starting to use a new product. And don’t forget to patch test new products, even if they are cleared by your doctor. That’s because each skin is different. Even if you know your skin very well, pregnancy changes your hormones and they can affect how your skin reacts to different products and ingredients.

Vitamin C creams or serums are full of antioxidants that will protect your skin of sun and premature aging. They will also reduce age spots and fine lines and wrinkles. You have to use it every day and even better two times a day. If you have to reduce your skincare routine to only a few essential products, then only use vitamin c in the morning and retinol serum at nighttime. 

Now let’s talk about fashion! Thrifting has been on everyone’s lips lately as it gained more and more popularity among Gen Z and Millenials. 

The reason shopping second-hand or vintage is a more environmentally friendly option is that the fashion industry has produced SO MUCH CLOTHING over the years that it is hard to justify buying something new. Charity shops are overflowing with donated clothing and whatever they cannot sell ends up in landfills or in places like Kantamanto Market in Ghana, where it disrupts the local economy and pollutes the lands of people who live there (please follow some relevant Instagram accounts for more information on this topic).

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