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The Astro A20 Wireless Headset Review

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The A20 wireless headset is a perfect match for your Xbox One, with 40mm drivers that deliver high-quality stereo sound. Its low-latency wireless technology and interference-free wireless 5GHz broadcasting ensure smooth audio with low latency while gaming. If you’re looking for a headset that will give you a competitive edge, look no further than the A20. Read on to discover all the features of the A20 wireless headset.

EQ button

You can adjust the sound quality of your games with the EQ button on the Astro A20 wireless headset. There are three EQ modes – Astro, Pro, and Studio. Astro Mode emphasizes bass, while Pro and Studio are balanced and create a neutral sound. All three modes are helpful for gamers and provide enhanced immersion in games and chat. The EQ button on the Astro A20 wireless headset is a useful feature that will help you adjust the sound quality of your games and movies.

In addition to being responsive, the EQ button is very convenient. The EQ button on the Astro A20 wireless headset is located on the right ear cup. The button is located on the outer edge of the ear cup. This makes it easy to reach and use during gameplay. Astro headsets are designed for gamers and come with a few special features. You can also adjust the volume of the EQ button by pressing the “volume” button on the left ear cup.

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Flip-to-mute function

The ASTRO A20 wireless headset is equipped with a flip-to-mute function that automatically mutes the high-precision microphone when you temporarily put it aside or remove it. This headset also features three preset EQ modes: ASTRO mode focuses on bass sounds for general gaming, PRO mode reproduces medium to high-pitched audio tracks, and STUDIO mode offers balanced sound balance.

For gamers, the flip-to-mute function is a welcomed feature. It makes the Astro A20 wireless headsets even more convenient. They don’t require any complicated setup and have an intuitive design. They also come with a convenient 2-inch USB transmitter that’s plug-and-play. The Astro A20 wireless headset also has an excellent range. Its aptly-named “Astro” echoes the brand name.

Bass response

The Astro A20 wireless gaming headset has decent bass response for a headset, and the default EQ setting works well. It gives a satisfying thump when bass drum hits hit hard. Bass response isn’t too low or too high, but it does reach down low enough for a satisfying force. There are some drawbacks, however, and this review will cover some of them. Here’s how the Astro A20 compares to the competition.

The ASTRO A20 Wireless Headset features three EQ presets: Astro, Studio, and Pro. The default setting sounds decent in most cases, while the latter two aim to optimize sound for competitive gaming. The Astro default sounds fine for most gaming scenarios, while the EQ presets that target professional audio are geared towards neutral entertainment. Generally speaking, the Astro A20’s bass response is very accurate.

EQ presets

There are a few default EQ presets for Astro A20 headphones. For the best sound quality, we recommend using the balanced sound profile, which covers lows and highs equally. This mode doesn’t touch the midrange, so it isn’t a good choice for bass-happy gamers or pro gaming enthusiasts. Luckily, it doesn’t cause audio problems when playing games, such as Fortnite.

For maximum sound quality, the ASTRO A20 comes with three EQ presets. You can switch between the ASTRO EQ, PRO EQ, and Studio EQ. The ASTRO EQ is the default, aimed at general gaming and music. The PRO EQ is geared toward gaming and puts emphasis on mid-range and highs, while the STUDIO EQ is slated for neutral entertainment.


The A20 Wireless Gen 2 is a gaming headset that offers freedom and comfort. Its 2.4 GHz signal offers extended wireless range, and its flip-to-mute microphone lets you decide whether you want to be heard or not. Its long-lasting comfort helps you game through marathon sessions. Its price is fairly inexpensive at $129, making it a good value for the money. It is not available for sale in stores yet, but you can expect it to hit the shelves in the near future.

There are a few things to consider when looking at the price of the Astro A20 wireless headset. First, make sure you understand what the model you are buying costs in your local currency. Prices will vary widely based on where you live. The Astro A20 Gen 2 comes in two different versions. The PlayStation version is specifically aimed at PlayStation users, while the Xbox version is not compatible without an Xbox transmitter. The Astro A20 is compatible with both PCs and Macs, but it is not compatible with the PlayStation 5 without an additional transmitter.

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