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The Best Website To Watch Anime Online

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You are not alone in this quest, the quest of finding the best place to watch anime online. If you are in Japan, then it’s very easy for you to watch anime, but if you are outside Japan and a hardcore fan of anime, then it is very difficult to find a stable place to watch anime online. And it is even very difficult to watch anime offline, so forget about it online. However, as the internet has evolved, and trillions of terabytes of data are available, we will be able to watch anime online from the comfort of our sofa.

Which anime to watch?

Don’t worry, I will tell you where to watch anime, but first, you should know which anime to watch as there are thousands of anime and some of them have more than a thousand episodes. So why waste time looking for good anime when you can get recommendations from others who have tried it?


Some people’s preferences are anime movies because they portray a character better than movies that are edited in VFX. Because humans’ stunts are restricted by the laws of physics, animators don’t face that problem. Below are some of the best anime movies which you can watch online.

  • There’s a good chance you’ve heard of this anime, as it made IMDB’s top 250 anime movie list and holds a good position there. This anime is about the life stories of two people from different time zones and different localities. This is the best part. They don’t even know each other yet they love each other. This beautiful portrayal makes the movie one of the best anime movies.
  • Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice) – Again, there are high chances that you might have heard about this movie as it is also a top-rated anime movie, holding the first position as the best anime movie to watch on MyAnimeList. The story of this movie is that there was a boy who used to be a class bully who used to bully a deaf and mute girl. He stopped being a bully and got bullied himself. Then he realized what that girl went through and he went all the way through his limits to apologize for his past behaviour. This movie will surely make you cry.
  • Weathering With You—talking about animation skills, this movie will go beyond all your expectations. You will just get hooked by watching the trailer, just because of the animation quality and not because of the story. The story in this movie is again a love story, but there is some superpower with it. Everything I will say after this will be a spoiler, so I will keep my mouth shut and let you enjoy the fun.

Anime Series

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime – If you like the main character, then this anime is for you. This anime is an Isekai (an Isekai is a genre where people reincarnate in another world with powers), so world of sword and sorcery. Then the slime works hard to bring equality to that world and erase corruption, but as he was overpowered, it was pretty easy. The genres of this anime are action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen – This is one of the best new anime. It was released recently and gained success instantly. Because it took the genre of demons and action to the next level. The story of this anime is about a boy who gets superpowers after consuming a demon’s body part and starts his adventure of killing that demon with the help of some friends, who are also his classmates in a unique way.
  • Demon Slayer – This is also one of the most famous animes that was released recently. This anime was also released not too long ago and has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period. The story is very emotional and has a pinch of comedy and loads of action and adventure with it. This story is of a demon slew named Thanjiro whose family was killed by a demon king, leaving just his sister, who was not in control. The genre of this anime is adventure fiction, dark fantasy, and martial scans.
  • Fairy Tail: If you love your friends more than anything, then this anime is just for you. This anime shows the love of friends and family and how a friend can do anything for you. The story is about a guild called “Fairy Tail” where the main character, Natsu Dragneel the Dragon Slayer, with his other friends, saves his guild from every trouble that comes in front of them. The emotion called fear doesn’t exist in the same world where fairy tales do. I’ll recommend watching this anime with your friends. That way, it will be more fun.

The best website to watch anime online

There are a lot of websites on the internet where you can watch anime. However, the below-mentioned websites are the best which have been verified and have been used for several years by hardcore fans who have streamed thousands of anime and millions of anime on these websites.

  • com – I am pretty sure you haven’t heard about this website, but trust me, once you try out this website for anime streaming, you will forget all the other websites that are out there because this website has the least amount of ads and pop-ups, and the pop-ups in anime websites are very irritating. And you can also find all the animes on the website, and the best part anime online is that is free.

Kissanime – if you love anime or not you might still have heard about this website as this website is considered on of the oldest and one of the most used anime website in the whole world. People from every part of world use this website to watch anime online. People have streamed thousands and millions of episodes over the years. And streaming anime on this website is also totally free.

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