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The Canada Child (CCB) Benefit Explained

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The Canada Child Benefit is a monetary compensation given by the Government of Canada to children’s families who meet the eligibility requirements. This money is a great relief for most families, given the enormous expenditures of raising a kid. It is handled by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 

Families that qualify get a tax-free monthly payment to assist with the costs of parenting children under the age of 18 in their care. There may be other provincial and territory programs that may be included in the CCB, such as the child disability living allowance. Let’s get down to business, as it’s notable that children are costly to raise. 

A large percentage of your salary is spent on childcare costs, activities, and medical bills; every dollar is important. For this reason, every parent should be aware of the CCB, which provides tax-free monthly payments to Canadians who are parenting youngsters under 18.

Dates For The Canadian Child Tax Incentive

Monthly, the Canada Child Tax Deduction is distributed on the 20th. If you choose direct deposit, your money can be sent to your bank account regularly. CCB payments are usually sent to you on Fridays if the Child Tax Benefit settlement date falls on a weekend. 

In most cases, you will get your first CCB payment in the rest of the month after the birth month of your kid. If you got a child in August, and your first CCB payment in September, that would be an example. The CCB will continue to be sent to you monthly after that. It is tax-free and may either be put immediately into your savings account or sent to your house. 

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What Factors Go Into The Calculation Of The Canadian Child Benefit?

Income is a factor in eligibility for the Canada Child Benefit, however, most families earning less than $200,000 will be eligible for some assistance. Depending on your family’s net gross earnings, you’ll get a certain amount of money. After taking into account expenditures like RRSP commitments, this represents your net family income.

Earnings below $31,711 qualify for the full benefit of CCB. A portion of a child’s income will be clawed back for those earning over this amount. For families earning more than $68,708.8 a year, the CCB per kid is reduced by an extra 10%. On several websites, you may get detailed information on the percentage of a child’s benefit that is refunded, depending on their family income.

The CCB Application Process

The CCB should be applied when any of the following circumstances occur:


  • You get a baby.
  • After a time of living abroad, your kid returns to live with you.
  • Changes in custody or the awarding of possession of a child to you occur.
  • At this point, you or your spouse or companion fulfill the eligibility requirements.
  • You may use your CRA online account or submit an application at the same time you verify your baby’s birth with the province or territory. Additionally, you may print off the Canada Child Benefits Application Form RC66 and submit it with any extra papers or paperwork that may be necessary.

After the government receives your online form, or after 11 weeks, if you mail in a paper application, your payments will begin within 8 weeks. Payouts will cease when the kid reaches the age of eighteen or when your net household income surpasses $120,000.

How Does CCB Work?

An “income-tested” governmental benefit, the Canada Child Benefit, is administered by the Government of Canada. However, how does this affect the benefit, and how does it operate? The Canada Child Benefit is “repaid” at a specific rate when a family’s taxable net income rises, which can sometimes be the case. This rate is based on a family’s income. There is no repayment below a specific revenue threshold, but as it rises, the repayment rate varies. 

Several clawback rates are shown in the following table. The question remains, though, what does this reimbursement really mean? As one’s income rises, the repayment has the effect of reducing the Canada Child Benefit. As an example, consider the following:


  • Annual benefits for a household with two children aged six and above are $11,806. From July 2022 through June 2023, they would get $6,131 from CCB if they made $80,000 in 2021. They begin with the maximum, but this is decreased as their income rises. Revenue between $32,797 and $71,060 is reduced by 13.5 percent, resulting in a $5,166 clawback. Reduced by 5.7% for income within $71,060 and $80,000 (i.e., $80,000 less $71,060 equals $8,940 times 5.7% is $510 clawback).


Even though raising children is costly, those who qualify may get monthly payments tax-free from the federal government to guide with part of the expenditures. Designated as the Canada Child Benefit, your family’s excellent advantages are determined by a variety of variables, including your average earnings, the number of children living at home, and your province or territory of residency, among others. 

There is a simple and fast application procedure for this aid. So, don’t hesitate to accept it to make your youngsters’ future brighter. After all, what’s better than seeing your kids with a huge on their faces again?

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