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The Wig of Beginners: The Headband Wig

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Wigs have grown massively popular in the past decade or so – everyone from film stars to models to business icons to the girl next door seems to have a stash of wigs in their closet, ready to pull one out as soon as the perfect occasion presents itself. And if you’re finally thinking of taking the plunge and joining in on one of the biggest fashion statements of the time, then it’s best to ease yourself into it.

Yes, I’m talking about headband wigs! Notoriously easy to put on, headband wigs are the go to choice for any newbie wig wearer. But don’t be alarmed, just because headband wigs are known as the wig of the beginner doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck with mediocre styles and limited colors – there’s a whole world of headband wigs out there, you just need to search, pick, and choose.

What is a Headband Wig?

First things first, before we go any further let’s take a look at what a headband wig really is. A headband wig is much like any other wig, with the difference being that the former comes attached with a cloth material at its front that works as and resembles a regular headband, helping the wearer achieve a more natural look. With the headband feature, users don’t have to worry about any additional adhesive material to keep the wig in place.

So, it’s a wig with an accessory!

I’m a Beginner – Is a Headband Wig really for Me?

Okay, so you know what a headband wig is, but you probably still have the same question, “Is a headband wig really the right choice for a beginner like me?” And yes! Yes, it is – no matter how many times you think about this, the answer is still going to be yes!

In fact, a headband wig is probably the best type of wig you can start out with as a beginner. Why? Well, because not only is it super easy to use – literally, you can just slip it on like you would a normal headband without needing any adhesive material or clips – but it also doesn’t warrant a long-term requirement.

Only want to wear your wig for an hour? No problem! With a headband wig the time limit is in your hands. So, whether you want to slip it off between activity changes or keep it on for the whole day, it’s super simple!

And of course, if you’re indecisive about what type of wig would look best on you, then headband wigs afford you the benefit of self-styling. Since the extensions aren’t secured to your head with any adhesive material, moving them around and styling them as you like is a breeze, so, you can try out options until you find your signature look!

Still not convinced? Well, as a beginner your head isn’t going to be used to carrying around the extra weight of a wig for hours on end – and luckily for you, headband wigs are one of the lightest wig varieties out there! That combined with their sweatproof and breathable design makes them the perfect choice to help a non-wig-wearer transition into the wig wearing world seamlessly.

I’m Not a Beginner – Can I Still wear a Headband Wig?

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the rest of you pro wig-wearers. While headband wigs are great for beginners, they aren’t just restricted to them. If you’ve been rocking a wig for the past two years or twenty, you can still wear a headband wig and make it look as good as your other options.

In fact, one of the main reasons people opt for headband wigs is because of their versatile aesthetic and you can wear it as no glue wigs. You can practically style a headband wig any way you want – half up, half down, curled, straight – you name it, a headband wig can do it! And of course, the stunning headbands or scarves at the front bring their own style points.

But that’s not the only reason why experienced wig-wearers include headband wigs in their wardrobe. They’re also a protective form of wig. Given that the application process is adhesive and clip free, headband wigs refrain from causing any damage to your natural hair, and since the wig covers your hair underneath, it forms a protective shell around them. Form curls to thinning hair, a headband wig will protect your hair from the environment and elements to let them repair and heal. It’s really a win-win situation all around!

So, it’s time to head on down and purchase the headband wig of your dreams! It’ll last you ages and make any outfit pop, all while not getting in the way and letting you enjoy your day to the fullest. Someone’s about to become a style icon!

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