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Tips For Filling Out A VPAT Template

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A website designed with bright colors and an attractive layout, may not seem attractive to someone who has a vision impairment. Probably, their limitations are creating challenges for them to find the ‘submit’ button or highlighted ‘click here’ tag. 

When you develop a mobile app or a website, you need to pay attention to the accessibility characteristics. It ensures that disabled users can also read and understand the presented content. VPAT 508 helps in achieving digital accessibility goals.

VPAT is a self-evaluation measure that helps businesses to declare their level of compliance with Section 508. It is a US law which mandates businesses must make their products accessible to everyone.  

Filling out the VPAT 2.4 template ensures that your brand is compliant with US law. It declares that the digital information and technology products developed by your brand can be used by everyone despite having a disability.  

Benefits Of Regularly Updating Your VPAT

Regular audits and testing help you improve your products and offerings.

Self-evaluation also makes you an accountable vendor which offers a competitive advantage.Declaring that you are complying with US law makes you a preferred choice.The improved accessibility standards are highly beneficial for your brand reputation and your revenue objectives. 

How To Get VPAT 2022?

In order to fill out a VPAT, you must incorporate elements that make your website accessible for those who can see, hear or have cognitive limitations.

For instance, you can get screen readers and implement other assistive technologies, to help people enter inputs, fill forms, consume the information available in non-text content (audio and video) and navigate easily only with a keyboard. 

A VPAT is mandatory for brands that develop hardware, operating systems, mobile apps, websites, electronic content (PDFs) and communication technology products. 

In order to get a VPAT, you need to first understand the requirements of your business. To put it simply, there are four different editions of VPAT, you need to ensure which one is best suited for you.

  1. Section 508 standards – A US law for digital accessibility
  2. EN 301 549 – the European Union’s Accessibility requirements  
  3. WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for ADA 
  4. INT 2.4 – it incorporates the guidelines of all the above mentioned editions

Consider which accessibility standards are most applicable to your business and choose a suitable option.

Tips For Filling Out A VPAT

The template is freely available on the official website of the Information and Technology Industry Council. Before you begin filling out the VPAT take a look at a VPAT document example, you would understand how detailed the report is. 

It is not easy to get the Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) because you require strong domain knowledge. In case you are incorporating the INT edition, your in-house team must be capable of testing every element as per the federal guidelines. Here are some useful tips to do it correctly:

  • Integrity and transparency are important. Don’t hesitate to seek help if you are not sure about every accessibility element in your products/website.
  • You can refer to an example and find out that every element requires a detailed explanation. So resist the urge to use automated tools. The results are not accurate and you won’t be able to give proper explanations.
  • After generating the ACR, the VPAT should be made accessible via your official website.
  • Every website update or revamping phase must include the step of updating the VPAT as well.

Bottom Line 

In this digitally inclined world, a VPAT is mandatory for everyone. Develop a proactive approach and get help from accessibility specialists. Visit the link given below for thorough VPAT accessibility audits and ACR reports. 

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