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Top 5 Antigua Passport Benefits

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Unique investment programs are designed to grant official citizenship to those investors who have fulfilled the conditions. According to Svetlana Gorchakova (Immigrant Invest Agency), there are not many of them. If you have decided that Antigua is a suitable country for your permanent residence, you are not mistaken:

  • unique programs to invest;
  • the presence of two schemes for obtaining citizenship;
  • visa-free travel with more than 100 countries.

To apply for Antigua citizenship, you will need to study the conditions to investors for migration. In this case, there are several: an investment in the National Fund or in real estate projects defined by the State. Once these requirements are met, the investor receives a second citizenship and enjoys several Antigua and Barbuda passport benefits.

№ 1: Visa-Free Travel

Citizens of Antigua enjoy the benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship in the form of travel to many countries, including Great Britain and Montenegro. Visa documents are not required because the state has signed an agreement with the European Union. In this way you take advantage of the main pros of obtaining citizenship.

It is not necessary to apply for visa documents in advance to visit Schengen and European Union countries. A number of states have rules for applying for a visa upon arrival in the territory. Before you go on a trip, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the requirements of the chosen country.

№ 2: Stability And Security

Against the difficult geopolitical situation in different regions of Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda citizenship benefits stand out. The country is characterized by political stability and a high level of security for citizens. The democratic government protects the rights of its new and permanent citizens.

The low crime rate also speaks in favor of choosing Antigua as a country for permanent residence. An anti-corruption program is in place to protect the interests of citizens, a minimum level of offenses, and respect for the constitutional rights of every official citizen or foreigner.

№ 3: Requirements For Investors

Entrepreneurs themselves choose the option of making an investment in the country (National Fund, real estate sector). The amount of the contribution depends on the number of family members. Citizenship, which is assigned to the investor is for life, with the right to transfer it by inheritance.

Application for participation in the program https://immigrantinvest.com/blog/antigua-and-barbuda-cost-of-passport-en/ is made with the advantage of Antigua passport. The candidate does not need to visit the embassy in person. However, in order to extend the validity of the documents, the application must be submitted in person.

The extension of the validity of the passport is carried out free taking into account the time of stay on the territory of the country. It is enough to spend 5 days for the whole period of validity of documents (5 years). If this condition is not met, the extension procedure becomes unavailable.

№ 4: Opportunities For Business Development

The main areas of activity are renting property to tourists and the development of the field of information technology. These sectors are in the greatest demand, as the country actively attracts foreign investment in this way.

The policy of attracting contributions involves the creation of a quality commercial environment for entrepreneurs. The benefits of Antigua passport are offered for the growth of investment: the payment of taxes on benefits and other financial incentives. Investors find it profitable to develop companies in the IT sector because the software created makes it easier for businesses to operate in the country.

№ 5: Quality Education

The state directs funds to improve the educational infrastructure. The reason for the decision is that quality education plays an important role in forming society. A strong economic system is thereby improved, and the country’s status at the international level is raised.

As graduates compete with each other, students are encouraged to choose the right direction for their education. The educational field offers opportunities to work in tourism, information technology, and financial services.

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