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Top 5 Ceramics brands in Bangladesh

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Looking for a trusted brand to buy ceramic tiles that will fulfill your design needs? Then this blog is for you as here we’ve shorted the leading ceramics brand in BD to purchase tiles.

Nowadays, quite everyone loves to have this kind of look at their home and get tiles for flooring. But have you ever thought, why don’t all tiles perform the same? Well, it depends on the brands and their qualities.

Let’s explore some popular ceramics brands in Bangladesh.

Top ceramics companies in Bangladesh

Well, there are more than 60 tiles companies in Bangladesh. Among them below companies are offering high-quality tiles as well as promising services.

DBL Ceramics Limited

DBL Ceramics Limited—one of the top ceramic tiles producers in Bangladesh—was founded in 2016. They have completely automated factories and manufacturing facilities that guarantee every step is carried out with the utmost accuracy while producing new products and methods.

DBL Ceramics is committed to sustainability and takes a holistic approach to business, focusing on People, Processes, Products, Community, and Environment.

Their specialties

DBL Ceramics has advanced considerably in a little amount of time because of its innovative and distinctive design. They are always enthusiastic about improving, expanding, and serving, and it always has its clients, affiliates, and investors in mind.

You can purchase Polish, Porcelain, Wall Tiles, Technical Porcelain, and Decor Tiles in a variety of patterns and colors from this business.

RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd

RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd started its journey in 1998 as a UAE-Bangladesh joint venture project. It has identified itself as the pioneer in Bangladesh’s ceramics sector among the Leading Tiles and Ceramics Manufacturers. The company has made a commitment to protecting and preserving the environment since it takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Their specialties

This company’s product selection has significantly increased. The primary products are ceramic wall and floor tiles, décor and borders, rustic glazed tile, industrial tiles, porcelain tiles, and luxury sanitary ware.

You will also find various accessories, including paper holders, urinal basins, towel rails, shelves, soap dispensers, and many more.

Great Wall Ceramic Industries Ltd

Great Wall Ceramic Ltd is another ceramic tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh is., which was founded in 2006.

Modern technology and a variety of styles is the strength of this company. With high-quality goods and the greatest customer service, Great Wall satisfies the needs of its clients. They also have an excellent workplace for their employees.

The firm is moving closer to its objective with lucrative and sustainable expansion.

Their specialties

They can provide you with ceramic wall tiles in various sizes, rustic wall tiles, homogenous, homogeneous & porcellanitic print, décor, and borders.

Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited

Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited was founded as a joint venture in May 1995. It was listed in the stock markets of Chittagong and Dhaka in 1998.

They get top-notch imported raw materials, machinery from Spain, Italy, and China, and highly qualified international and local professionals in the production process.

As they offer the touch of very technical quality in the physical construction and look of tiles for a very long period, they can match the changing taste and preferences of the consumers.

Their specialties

They produce high-quality and inexpensive European-standard tiles for Bangladeshi consumers who want to live in cozy, clean, and fashionable homes.

They are at the top of their game because they have an international-grade laboratory for quality control, research, and development that both foreign and Bangladeshi professionals run.

After satisfying the demands of the local market, they have been extending its export market abroad with the highest quality lab equipment, imported raw materials, and process technologies.

X Ceramics Ltd

Founded in 2008, it is now regarded as one of the nation’s top tiles manufacturers. X Monica is one of the Top 10 Tiles and Ceramics Companies and has continuously improved the quality of its products and services.

Along with its outstanding product quality and customer service, this company is renowned for its corporate principles and ethical standards.

Their specialties

It has established itself in Bangladesh through extensive research, consumer engagement, and a strong manufacturing line. The key point is that this business embraced cutting-edge technology, which enabled it to close a significant gap in the market.

Wall and floor tiles are the main products you may find here in this company.

To wrap up

These are the top tile manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Apart from them, other companies are also available, and many are coming into the business.

When looking for the right flooring, tiles provide enduring quality, practicality, and durability and have a major advantage over other deck materials.

So, if you like to coordinate style into everything at home, that best serves you. Get ceramic tiles from any of these ceramics brands in Bangladesh and stay worry-free.

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