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Top Tips For Creating Adorable Newborn Photos

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There are four essential elements that you should focus on to create the most beautiful photos. These are natural light, posing, timing, and proper lighting. These will help you achieve a relaxed, peaceful feel for your newborn photos. You can also capture unique shots showing off the unique side of your little one’s personality. Keep reading to learn more about these four essential elements. You’ll be glad you did.

Natural light

If you want your newborn photos to look adorable, you need to avoid using harsh lights. The best natural light is close to a window or door; you should try to position the newborn facing the light. Natural light will give off the brightest light, so avoid blocking the light source. If possible, you should also avoid standing directly in front of the light source. Instead, kneel or step to one side if you can.

Add pillows and blankets to create soft filler for baskets or couches. Choosing a variety of props is also a top tip for creating adorable newborn photos. Remember that props shouldn’t be too many to avoid distracting the baby.

Another top tip for creating adorable newborn photos is to use wide aperture lenses. A wider aperture lens will help to sharpen facial features while softening the background elements. You should also consider a location with natural window light. While window light is the most common form of light, the timing may not match your newborn’s routine. A good location with natural window light will help you capture the most adorable newborn photos.


Posing a newborn for cute photos can be fun and challenging. Depending on your skill level, you can get as cute as the first time you see your little bundle of joy! A newborn is most comfortable curled up and at ease in its mother’s belly. You must pose the baby, so their face is above their hands to get the perfect portrait. A wide-angle shot is another way to capture your newborn’s personality.

The light and window size will significantly influence the style of poses. A good tip is to use complementary colours opposite on the colour wheel. For example, if the parents love music, they could use a guitar or a piano. A bed is also a good choice. If you have enough space, you can set up a hammock or decorate your room with beautiful decorations.


To add emotional value to your newborn photos, you can use your objects as props. You can also choose to use objects from thrift stores or flea markets. Many families sell these items as their children grow and move away from them. For the most special props, choose items that are meaningful to you. Otherwise, look for items that are made of natural materials. If you can’t find natural objects, you can buy artificial objects or some at a low price.

A beanbag is a popular prop for newborn photography. It’s the perfect size for your newborn and serves as a backdrop. Place your baby in the middle of the beanbag, with a parent nearby. Another popular prop is a backdrop. The backdrop should be set up on a sturdy stand so it won’t move or fall. A backdrop can also be a fun prop to use; it adds a touch of colour and keeps the overall sharpness of the photo.


During the newborn photo shoot, timing is everything. It would help if you did not overshoot because you might waste precious time trying to capture that perfect expression. Instead, stay still and encourage the parents to be in the photos and include siblings as well. Newborn photos are usually sweetest when the whole family is holding the baby. Also, you must be careful not to move too much because your baby may start crying.

Coordinating with nap time

The key to successful newborn photos by faithfulphotography.com.au is planning your session around the baby’s nap time. Newborns are diva subjects, which means they’ll be most cooperative if they’re in a nap. Hence, you should coordinate your photo shoot with nap time, and you’ll be on your way to a successful shoot! 

During the photo shoot, newborns are cuddled and swaddled. You can change the outfits during the shoot, and your photographer will make sure to keep the baby comfortable. You should also choose the right background for the session, with soothing music playing in the background. While the baby is sleeping, it’s important to remember that you’re not allowed to wake them up during the photo shoot.

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